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<pre> - VA: rock / 1a11d213   
<pre> - VA: rock / 1a11d213   
* What about the name of this function? The Case is only a small function... --[[User:Zout|Zout]]  
* What about the name of this function? The Case is only a small function... --[[User:Zout|Zout]]
Author [[User:Keschte|Keschte]]
[[Category:To Be Reviewed]] [[Category:History]]
[[Category:To Be Reviewed]] [[Category:History]]

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Status: This Page is Glorious History!

The content of this page either is bit-rotted, or has lost its reason to exist due to some new features having been implemented in MusicBrainz, or maybe just described something that never made it in (or made it in a different way), or possibly is meant to store information and memories about our Glorious Past. We still keep this page to honor the brave editors who, during the prehistoric times (prehistoric for you, newcomer!), struggled hard to build a better present and dreamed of an even better future. We also keep it for archival purposes because possibly it still contains crazy thoughts and ideas that may be reused someday. If you're not into looking at either the past or the future, you should just disregard entirely this page content and look for an up to date documentation page elsewhere.

This is the History of the GuessCaseBugs page, because the page grew quite long.


  • ["unknown"] is changed to ["Unknown"] --JohnCarter
  • 'What'll I Do?' gets guess cased to 'What'Ll I Do?' apparently because 2 letters follow the ' (apostrophe) -- teleGUISE
  • Part-Handler "Leaving Rome, Part 1 & 2" gets converted to "Leaving Rome, Part 1: & 2" --Keschte
  • "F... You! (Sebastian Schleinitz Remix)" gets changed to "F. You! (Sebastian Schleinitz remix)" (... -> .) --LukZ
  • ReleaseTitle: "Complete Discography" throws a javascript exception (disc number handler trips) --Keschte
  • bad,bad,bad: "Flesh Eating Disco Zombies" gets changed to Flesh Eating (disc Zombies) --Keschte
  • comma handler. "A.C.R.O.N.Y.M.," gets changed to "A.C.R.O.N.Y.M. ," (space before the comma) this is valid for all punctuation (e.g. "?", "!" etc. ) --Keschte
  • "What Y'All" gets changed to "What y'All" --Keschte
  • "S.S./Candycane" gets changed to "S.S. /Candycane" --Keschte
  • "A-Team" gets changed to "a-Team" --Keschte
  • "R&B" gets changed to "R & B" --Keschte
  • "Let's Get It On, Part 2" gets changed to "Let's Get It on, Part 2" (Word before the comma needs to be capitalized) --Keschte
  • "Blah Blah... The Blah" gets changed to "Blah Blah... The Blah" (force capitalize next word after an ellipsis) --Keschte
  • "What'cha Want" gets changed to "What'Cha Want" --Keschte
  • "Do You Know Where You Are Going To?" is guess-cased as "Do You Know Where You Are Going to?" (last word not capitalized)
  • "Who You Fighting For?" gets guess cased to "Who You Fighting for?" because of the '?' question mark. -- teleGUISE
    • RESOLVED 2005-07-10: these are both the same case. made some adjustments such that words before a sentence stop character are titled. --Keschte
  • 'a cappella' gets changed to 'acapella' whereas 'a cappella' is the correct spelling. See the wikipedia article for reference. ~ Mdhowe
  • Believe this to be incorrect - Foobar cd 02 gets converted to Foobar (disc 02) thoughts were it should be converted to Foobar (disc 2) -- teleGUISE
  • "State Property Presents Chain Gang Vol. 2" is not converted to "State Property Presents Chain Gang, Volume 2". it works for "Vol 2". --LukZ
  • "While My Guitar Gently Weeps, Volume 2 cd2" is turned into "While My Guitar Gently Weeps, Volume 2: (disc 2)" . infact anthing that has text after a vol/volume # gets a : after the # ~mo
  • "Rollin' On the Floor Laughing" won't be corrected to "Rollin' on the Floor Laughing". That has something to do with the ' before On. Couldn't test it because Keschte's server is down :) -- Shepard
  • Track titles ending with the -Letters- 'Part' do not get properly 'guess cased' such as "Play The Part" as well as titles like "THE Keschte best Guess Case scRIPt REACHing A Standard THAT Sets itself APaRt" -- teleGUISE
  • "Nothin but a Good Time" leaves 'but' lower case however "Nothin' But a Good Time" with an apostrophe after the n' caps 'But' -- teleGUISE
  • "Hear You Now, Part II (Corvin Dalek 404 remix)" gets changed to "Hear You Now, Part II (Corvin Dalek 404: remix)" --LukZ
  • "Balbla, some text" is converted to "Balbla, Some text" in sentence mode, should be lowercase after comma. -Keschte
    • RESOLVED 2005-6-16: Fixed --Keschte
  • "tha" should be handled like "the". --SenRepus
  • trim "(bonus)" and "(bonus track)" from track titles. --Keschte
  • "Golfer vrs Boxer" should be changed to "Golfer vs. Boxer" --Keschte
  • correct misspelled "A Cappella", "Accappella" to (acapella) --Keschte
  • "Title - live" is changed to "Title - (live)", but the hyphen should be removed before the parenthesis --Keschte
    • RESOLVED 2005-6-16: Fixed --Keschte
  • "Labour Of Love (Joey Negro Extended 12")" is converted to "Labour of Love (Joey Negro extended 12" )" (space after 12") --Keschte
    • RESOLVED 2005-6-16: Fixed --Keschte
  • "6:00" is converted to "6: 00" , When checking colons, and it is encapsulated by digits, don't add spaces. --Keschte
    • RESOLVED 2005-6-16: Fixed --Keschte
  • "Dance Dance Dance" is changed to "(dance dance dance)" --Zout
    • RESOLVED 2005-6-16: The pre-processor is more sensible now about these cases --Keschte
  • "The Worst Part of a Broken Heart" becomes "The Worst, Part of a Broken Heart" ~RodBegbie
    • RESOLVED 2005-6-16: i should stop doing this _quick_ fixes, the "Part" checker is more careful now :) --Keschte
  • "We'll Have Power" gets changed to "We'Ll Have Power" -- inhouseuk
  • "We'll be burning" gets turned into "We'Ll Be Burning" ~mo
    • RESOLVED 2005-6-16: Same bug, fixed --Keschte
  • "Sh*t" gets turned into "Sh * t" ~mo
    • RESOLVED 2005-6-16: Fixed --Keschte
  • "C.C. Bloom's" gets changed to "C.C. Bloom'S" it upper cases the 'S' -- inhouseuk
  • "Music to watch Girls By" is capitalized wrong. --Zout
    • OPEN 2005-6-1: hmm, where. It is capsed as "Music to Watch Girls By" for me. --Keschte
      • Nevermind, it seems to work now. I guess it was my mistake. --Zout
      • RESOLVED 2005-6-14: copied to resolved, no fix necessary --Keschte
  • Artist "A (feat. B)" with track "C" gets changed to artist "A" with track "C(feat. B)" in sentence caps mode (edit track name and artist) instead of "C (feat. B)" (it's missing a space). --Nikki
    • RESOLVED 2005-6-1: should be handled with the new sentencemode integration into the autofix function --Keschte
  • "Is Anybody Goin' To San Antone" has 'To' in wrong case. --Zout
    • RESOLVED 2005-5-31: the single quote checker gives me the creeps! removed flag for capitlization alltogether (this means stuff inside a set of single quotes won't be capitalized) --Keschte
  • Add handling for french disc titles, ie "Discque"
  • "GTR vs. the Shrink" needs uppercase The (after vs.) "GTR vs. The Shrink"
  • convert "A Capella" to ExtraTitleInformation "(acapella)" --Keschte
  • "P.S. I Love You" gets changed to "P.S.I. Love You" - inhouseuk
    • RESOLVED 2005-5-31: re-wrote the acronym checker --Keschte
  • "Macxxxxx" and "YYY macxxxxx" gets changed to MacXxxxx even when it's not a surname; words like machine, macaroni, mace, and others should probably be excluded -- azertus
  • OPEN 2005-5-26: should that be done only for artists, not tracknames? (=> feat. artists would get changed all the time, that's why i added it), i've found a list of scottish names with Mac which is noticeable longer than the words with Mac on the wikitionary page, what should be done? --Keschte
  • I don't know, really. Capitalizing the Mac prefix is a good feature and adding a list of exceptions to that rule probably isn't that efficient, right? I'd only add machine(s) as an exception 'cause that's the only one likely to occur often (I counted a mere 15 macaronis)
    • RESOLVED 2005-5-29: added the scottish names, its safer to convert only known lastnames (because of languages other than english, where there other Mac... words --Keschte
  • "Push", "Join" inside brackets gets converted to uppercase "PUSH", need to look what triggers this error (has to do with methods on the Array object) --Keschte
  • Another word where this happens is "Sort", don't know if this is helpful. -- Balaam's Miracle
  • And with "Pop" --Zout
    • RESOLVED 2005-5-31: added handling which checks that key and value in the wordlists is the same (weeds out the array methods which triggered false positives) --Keschte
  • "Dance, Dance, Dance" changes to "Dance, Dance, (dance)" on this release. Same for "Do You Wanna Dance" --> "Do You Wanna (dance)" on this --ClutchEr2
  • In the same manner as the above bug. "Half a Dance" gets changed to "Half A (dance)" --inhouseuk
  • "Give and Take" gets changed to "Give And (take)" -- inhouseuk
  • I'm guessing this is getting caught by the same bug as dance -- inhouseuk
    • suggestions on how to work around this? if dance is the last word, not surrounded by other extratitleinformation, don't put it into parentheses? i feel converting "yadayada remix" -> "yadayada (remix)" is a good feature, but if it results in too many false positives, then something has to be done about it.
    • RESOLVED 2005-5-31: i've implemented hanling that if a single word matches at the end of the title, certain words (but not remix, live, etc.) are not put into parentheses --Keschte
  • Same with "los" as with "the", i.e. when adding an artist and guessing the sortname, the guess will be "Bar, Los", for any name "Foo Bar" where Foo contains "los". Possibly also for other articles in other languages? //bnw
    • RESOLVED 2005-5-31: sorry, the file was not published. its the same as the "The" case --Keschte
  • When adding an artist and guessing the sortname, the guess will be "Bar, The", for any name "Foo Bar" where Foo contains "the", for instance "Matthew Matics" gets "Matics, The". //bnw
    • RESOLVED 2005-5-29: added bounds to the RegExp --Keschte
  • Selecting an artist type as Group, then entering a name of "Foo Bar", Guess Sortname sets is as "Bar, Foo". For Group artists, it shouldn't do this. -- RodBegbie
    • WORKSFORME 2005-5-27: you can press copy if you are sure its the same as the artistname. --Keschte
  • "Les 100 plus belles chansons (cd3)" gets changed to "Les 100 Plus Belles Chansons (Disc 3)" (uppercased D) --LukZ
    • RESOLVED 2005-5-25: re-wrote parts of the disc number checker --Keschte
  • "Fine Day (Mike Koglin 12' mix)" is being converted to "Fine Day (Mike Koglin 12"mix)" which is converted to "Fine Day (Mike Koglin 12 "mix)". --teleGUISE
    • RESOLVED 2005-5-25: re-wrote the vinyl checker --Keschte
  • "Where Love Lives (Come on In) (12"Classic mix)" gets converted to "Where Love Lives (Come on In) (12"lassic mix)". And keeps on trimming. --teleGUISE
    • RESOLVED 2005-5-25: re-wrote the vinyl checker --Keschte
  • "High Voltage (Long version)" ---guess case--> "High, Volume (Long version)" --Faugn
    • RESOLVED 2005-5-26: a regular expression mistake in the recently Volume handling --Keschte
  • "The Passion (John O'callaghan remix)" gets changed to "The Passion (John o'Callaghan remix)". --teleGUISE
  • "That'll Be the Day" is being converted to "That'Ll Be the Day". Maybe this can be added to the exceptions list? --Zout
  • "The Wearin' Of The Green" gets changed to "The Wearin' Of the Green". --LukZ
    • RESOLVED 2005-5-25: was a leftover of the old singleQuote handling. words after a single quote will now not be forced to be "titled" --Keschte
  • mac-edittrack: does not handle the feat. transformation in "Poor Righteous Teacher feat The Fugees" --Keschte
  • "Allies (feat. The Fugees)" gets changed to (lowercase The) "Allies (feat. the Fugees)" --Keschte
  • "CD Super-Cali-Fragalistitc-Expi-Ali-Docious #1" gets changed to "(disc: Super-Cali-Fragalistitc-Expi-Ali-Docious #1)"
  • "Blabla (disc 1: Disc Name)" gets changed to (lowercase disc after colon) "Blabla (disc 1: disc A)" --Keschte
  • "Just a Touch of Love (The C+C Garage dub mix)" gets changed to (space around "+") "Just a Touch of Love (The C + C Garage dub mix)" --Keschte
  • "Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady By: The Companion Cd" gets changed to Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady by: The Companion (disc) which reveals two flaws. a) "By" should be uppercase, because its the last word before the punctuation. b) "Disc" should not be converted to extratitleinformation if its the last word of a string --Keschte
  • Conversion of 'CD' to 'disc': I feel it should only be converted when 'bonus' is near the word, or a number is near. example --Zout
    • WORKSFORME 2005-5-23: works for most cases, i think that will do :) --Keschte
  • "Last Night A D.J. Saved My Life" gets changed to "Last Night AD.J. Saved My Life" --inhouseuk
    • RESOLVED 2005-5-24: corrected a flaw in the acroynm handling, where "A D.J." was identified as an acronym, which it is not. --Keschte
  • "Shorty (You Keep Playin' With My Mind) (Spensane Extended Vocal Mix)" gets changed to "Shorty (You Keep Playin ' With My Mind) (Spensane extended Vocal mix)", and it should be "Shorty (You Keep Playin' With My Mind) (Spensane extended vocal mix)" (no space before ', and lowercased vocal) --LukZ
    • RESOLVED 2005-5-24: removed the check if single quotes form a sub-sentence. it will never add/remove spaces from now on. i've added "vocal" to the words which are converted inside round parentheses --Keschte
  • "Some Track Name (bonus track)" gets changed to "[unknown]". --JohnCarter
    • RESOLVED 2005-5-24: that was a nasty bug in the regular expression which looks for data track/bonus track/unknown variants --Keschte
  • Release Titles with the word 'Volume' do not automatically get a ',' preceded to it. Where as vol or vol. get expanded & preceded with a ','. --teleGUISE
  • Any reason vol or vol. to simply get capped and not expanded to Volume when a track title? --teleGUISE
    • RESOLVED 2005-5-24: not the thing i've seen daily, but added it to track titles as well --Keschte
  • Alternative,House,Techno,Trance mix gets capped but 'dance mix' does not. R&B while I guess gramatically correct but not the norm for genre changes to R(space)&(space)B. --teleGUISE
    • RESOLVED 2005-5-24: added these words to the words which get lowercased inside parenthesis. --Keschte
  • Shouldn't re-mix be changed to remix or Remix? --teleGUISE


  • Add "version" to ExtraTitleInformation if it's "Trackname (main)" --Keschte
  • Convert "ext", "extd" to "extended" --Keschte
  • convert "aka", "AKA" -> "a.k.a."
  • trim "(Retail ["version"])" from release names
  • Add "intro", "rehearsal", "outtake" to ExtraTitleInformation
  • convert "'Em", which is a short form of Them to "'em"
  • Add "dub" to words wich are not put into paranthesis if they are alone at the end of the title. --Keschte
  • Part-Handler "... (Pt. x)" -> "..., Part x" --Keschte
  • Add more cases to vinyl-hander "7-Inch" and "7 Inch" are not converted to 7" --Keschte
  • Part-Handler "Pts 1 & 2" -> ", Parts 1 & 2" --Keschte
  • Part, Volume, Disc Handler -> remove # from numbers, e.g. "Pt. #1" -> ", Part 1" --Keschte
  • Part-Handler "... - Part x" -> "..., Part x" --Keschte
  • capitalise "KV", often used in classical works by Mozart (comp. BWV for Bach) --Zout
  • capitalise "USSR", "USA", "OK", "NBA", "GZA" (rapper), "ODB" (rapper), "DMX" (rapper), "RIP" --Keschte
  • convert "instr." to "instrumental"
  • don't add a ":" when there's an opening paranthesis after part like "..., Part 1 ("
  • "Mr Scruff Presents: Keep It Solid Steel Vol1" does nothing with the 'Vol1' ~mo
  • lowercase the word 'Unplugged' in paranthesis -- Shepard
  • Keep the letters 'UK' uppercased like 'U.K.' since seems to be used quite a bit.. Obviously can't do that for 'US' luckily uk is not a english word ;). -- teleGUISE
  • Not exactly sure the thoughts on this but choose whether 'BPM' Beats Per Minute gets made all lower or all upper since currently its gets changed to 'Bpm'. -- teleGUISE
  • Add 'video' to the words that should be lowercased in parenthesis such as '(video mix)'. -- teleGUISE
  • "Symphony no.3 "Eroica" in A flat major op. 55: I. Allegro con brio" becomes "Symphony No. 3"Eroica" In a Flat Major Op. 55: I. Allegro con Brio" nice work apart from that blank trim after 3; and following some ClassicalStyleGuideDiscussion "in flat major" should be lowercase and "A" uppercase (I know I'm nasty...) --ClutchEr2
    • RESOLVED 2005-4-28: Blank trim was an error while looking for vinyl strings (e.g. 12, 7, 7"). I consumed the spaces too, which will of course convert 'Blah 2 "Test' to 'Blah 2"Test', this part is resolved now. The rest is more difficult, but i imagine I could write special cases for classical music lovers. But then again, you can use non-english mode, and capitalize the needed words manually ;)
  • convert '[' and ']' to '(' and ')', especially when the string between the brackets ends with 'mix' or 'remix'. I come across this quite often. example --Zout
    • RESOLVED 2005-5-23: added buttons for conversion, and removal of parentheses --Keschte


  • ugly freedb releases to test with:
 - VA: rock / 1a11d213  
  • What about the name of this function? The Case is only a small function... --Zout