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Guess Case improvements

The Guess Case script has been completely rewritten, this page is old kept as a reference. Enter feature request and/or bugs on GuessCaseBugs.

(Old) Guess Case improvements

  • incorrect at the moment: U.S.A. -> U. S. A.
  • incorrect at the moment: U.K. -> U. K.
  • incorrect at the moment: Do -> do
  • replace multiple spaces by one space after all cleaning up is done. Example: "Blabla: (This Is Pretty) Weird". After guessing case, there are two spaces between the ':' and the '('.
  • incorrect: USA -> Usa
  • incorrect: UK -> Uk


  • when the track title contains "Unknown", the track is renamed to "[unknown]"
  • it would be cool if "Present" and "Presents" would be converted to lowercase


  • incorrect at the moment: T.V -> T. V

* incorrect at the moment: Y.M.C.A -> Y. M. C. A (i think we can generalize that abreviations with dots inbetween get distorted in any case, be it U.S.A, U.K, T.V or whatever imaginable
i think all the X.Y errors could be done with a single wash-up, i'll have a look at the javascript code)

  • improvement: o'Clock ->O'Clock (or am i wrong, is there a standard?) (it's also O'Riordan worng changed into O'riordan -- ClutchEr2)
  • improvement: (disc n: The) -> "the" gets lowercased but it is a title of a Disc should and should
  • improvement: Name of the Album CD 1 should be detected and fixed according to DiscNumberStyle (e.g. CD n -> (disc n) be "(disc n: The title of disc n)"
  • improvement: vinyl classification should be standarsized, e.g. 7, 12 etc
  • improvement: text inside single apostrophes gets lowercased, why? e.g. "Thy Will 'not mine' be done" * improvement concerning concerning remixstyle: dub, megamix, club, acapella, original version, live version, album version should all be converted to lowercase
  • improvement concerning remixstyle: (album version) should be removed, if tracks > (max_number_of_tracks_to_be_a_single)
  • improvement concerning remixstyle: alt. take => alternate take
  • improvement concerning remixstyle: alt version => alternate version
  • improvement concerning remixstyle: Long version => long version
  • improvement concerning remixstyle: Demo version => demo version
  • improvement concerning remixstyle: alternate take, followed by number should be lowercased
  • when the track title is like "Track name xyz (Bonus track)", the track is renamed to "[unknown]", instead of "Track name xyz"

Author --Keschte