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Label future


This page should be used to collect the various limitations and known bugs of the current label system in MusicBrainz, as well as ideas about how to enhance it and make it evolves toward a better model.

Outstanding bugs

  • The subscription mail doesn't contain edits for subscribed labels (related to tickets 2675 & 884)
  • ModBot doesn't "collect" empty labels and doesn't delete them
  • 3511: Python error when searching some specific record label

Tech stuff

  • 3576: Schema inconsistency for "label" table

Easy enhancements

List of suggested enhancements, supposedly easy to fix:

Style and doc tasks

  • discuss the use of collabs labels (see LabelDiscussion)
  • Doc task: documentation is lacking a lot on label EditTypes, and also EditLabelPage
  • Doc task: stuff examples in all existing documentation
  • 2730: New AR: Label/Artist has YouTube page at X

UI quirks / missing UI

  • 3510: Add Release on label pages
  • 3299: Right label rowid, but wrong label name indicated
  • 2721: lookup labels based on Label Code
  • 2674: Add the possibility to search edits by label
  • 2684: Nasty edits view sideways scrolling problem (Yet again)

UI + back-end hack required

  • 2653: Should get a warning/confirmation message when adding releases to holding label
  • 2602: Add a warning when duplicate barcodes are entered

Questionnable enhancements

  • 2657: Server > Labels > New AR "ReleaseX was licensed from LabelY"
  • 2713: Present shortlist of labels based on existing info
  • 2711: Batch edit for labels?

Other enhancements

List of enhancements with some (bigger or unknown) technical impact:

  • 3491: Failed prerequisite for editing release event when old label has been merged in the mean time (note this looks like a more vast bug, probably hitting artist/releases as well)
  • 3440: sort on cat# sorts 543483 before 55225
  • 2574: Release date should not be mandatory in release event.
  • 2675: View label edits don't show AdvancedRelationship edits related to the label

Wontfix for now:

  • 2658: Server > Labels > "LabelX was renamed to LabelY" AR does not need begin & end dates
  • This raise the question of "extending" the AR tree so that it supports an extra information about AR (having dates or not) -- dmppanda 15:44, 23 April 2007 (UTC)

Needs research

  • There have been some discussion lately about concurrent/additional label identification systems in the wild, apparently dependent of the country. At that time, we lack information about how these relate to the Label Code system, and there is no solution foreseen. Please provide input on that thread if you have more information. Please AnswerMe if you do. -- dmppanda 19:28, 29 January 2007 (UTC)

NGS/Pie in the sky






Further Discussion

Any idea if Modbot will be removing "empty" labels any time soon? A spambot/editor added a list of nearly 4000 (phoney) labels to the database last week. They were all added despite getting three 3 NO votes, and will presumably have to be removed manually. AnswerMe Also, I'm about to begin merging various major label imprints, according to my previous discussions with you. I've come to the conclusion that "Mercury Records (country X)" and "Mercury Records (country Y)" should be filed together, since the actual imprint/logo is simply "Mercury" or "Mercury Records" and is owned by Universal Music Group, which uses it all over the world. I'm going to start, however, by merging some branches of Island Records, as Mercury is a sore point. ;) --ArtySmokes