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Label history


This page should be used to store historical information about previous uses of labels in MusicBrainz, deprecated guidelines, fixed tickets, so on. While probably most "past" bugs/discussions are of little interest, some of them hold special value and should be kept.

This page has some direct relations with LabelFuture (tickets usually begin life there, and finish here).

List of fixed tickets

  • 3597: SpecialPurposeLabel : [no label], [unknown], fixed 2008-Feb-23.
  • 3369: "add label" link on search lacks args
  • 3323: "Failed to add new alias"
  • 3276: Sorting on label page doesn't function
  • 3304: label sort name diffs in edits seem to not be displaying
  • 2696: Direct search problem (probably not only label related)
  • 2682: default label sort name
  • 2687: minor search for label hinch.
  • 2681: Label graphs give error (verify this in a few days)
  • 2677: Passed label names get truncated
  • 2669: label pages lack inline voting frame.
  • 2661: Add Artist-Label relationship: "artist founded label" "label was founded by"
  • 2635: Labels > Barcodes need to accept HYPHENS and SPACES
  • 2597: subscriptions preferences wording should be updated in the site as they mention only artists
  • 2596: have a new interwiki link to directly point to labels on MusicBrainz
  • 2595: need a small logo for labels for wiki use (just like we have for releases and artists).
  • 2565: Add "format/medium" field for release events
  • 2564: Barcode data type and barcode verification
  • 2563: Label code field shouldn't be a free string
  • 2366: automatically filter out "LC" from label codes
  • 2348: Suggested AR: {artist} was signed to {label} from {year} to {year}
  • 2347: Suggested AR: {label} has a fan page at {url}
  • 2345: 'is/was division of' label AR
  • 2344: Multiple labels with identical label codes can be created (without warning) (not sure it's actually working, though the ticket is closed).
  • 2341: Label creation page should offer (documentation) links

Old practices

You may check AnnotationHistory and more specifically ReleaseAnnotationStyle.