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Marco Sola Wiki: ClutchEr2 | Last.fm clutcher ]
Marco is a style editor specializing in Classical style issues. An Italian, Marco describes himself as a "Pop, rock, classical, opera, ... music lover."

Orion Mazur Wiki: DJKC | Last.fm djkc | Web: Home ]
Orion is a style editor with an encyclopedic knowledge of Asian pop music who can often be found on IRC discussing unusual style cases for Japanese bands whose names sometimes consist only of punctuation.

Chris Bransden Last.fm:Gecks | Web: Home ]
Chris is a style editor specializing in Electronic style issues.

Dylan Steinberg IRC: steinbj ]
Dylan is one of our top editors, and is a style editor specializing in SoundtrackStyle. A third-year law student at the University of Pennsylvania, Dylan is one of two law students on the Style Council (the other is Michelle W).

Jay Tuley Web: Home | Blog ]
Jay Tuley developed iEatBrainz, the MusicBrainz interface for MacOS and iTunes

Robert (Jamie) Munro IRC: rjmunro | Last.fm: rjmunro | Web: Home ]
Jamie is one of our top editors (although much of his recent climbing the charts was done by a semi-automated "(feat. )" linking bot) and is an area secretary ("Minister of Style") for the Style Council. Jamie does freelance IT / Web / database development work for several clients, including Textmatters, and hosts several sites on his servers, under the brand arjam.net. He wrote the FiBRE replication system for Viva Network which works with Firebird databases, and he is thinking about porting it to PostgreSQL.His real name is Robert Munro, but people call him Jamie, not just because of the RobertKaye, but because he is named after his Dad. Due to historical forces, plenty of people from certain domains (e.g. University friends) do call him Robert or Rob. This occasionally causes him longer than expected delays in answering the question "What is your name?", as he has to ponder which domain of friends the unknown person is asking the question on behalf of.

Michelle W [ MB: Editor:dirtyboots ]
Michelle is one of our top editors, and her interest in style issues ("probably because I'm crap at programming and it makes more sense to me than development") has made her a style editor as well. A student in Sydney, Australia, Michelle's music knowledge probably stems from borrowing a rock music encyclopedia one night and reading it cover to cover over the weekend. Since her induction into the dark and dirty workings of law school, she has been seeing MusicBrainz as a sort of legal system, with precedents and cases and things as such. Up until she was 11, Michelle was a pure classical junkie thanks to her piano teacher. A fastidious grammar fascist, she knows traditional Chinese, but her simplified Chinese is quite dodgy, strangely enough.

Chris Schwerdt IRC: Muti ]
Chris is the developer of a PHP library for accessing MusicBrainz via the web service RDF.

Myers W Carpenter IRC: icepick ]
Myers was the driving force behind the Python parts of the client library, and also worked on the tunetagger.

Duane Harkness [ MB: Editor:Go186K ]
Duane is one of our top editors, and often asks challenging questions about edits.

Luke Harless [ MB: Editor:lukeh ]
Luke's speciality is identifying bad data in the MusicBrainz database. One of our top editors.

John Murphy [ MB: Editor:jmurphy ]
John was one of the early prolific MusicBrainz editors, who did vast amounts of work to clean up the MusicBrainz database

Johan Pouwelse IRC: root ]
Johan is the owner of the MP3.nl web site that is home to an extensive music database. With extensive UNIX experience, client/server programming and compression technology he developed several programs to use MP3 technology in new ways. His current project is adding MTV like Info Facts and Say What functionality to MP3 files.

Frank Schickel [ MB: Editor:schickel ]
Frank is one of the top MusicBrainz editors, and is the author of the moderation FAQ.

Jeff Simmons IRC: jsimmons ]
Jeff is our system administrator. He looks after the server, monitors it, and generally keeps it in good health.

Jay Watkins IRC: jwatk03 | Blog ]
Jay has taken on client side C/C++ development for MusicBrainz. He added improved UNICODE support to the libmusicbrainz library as well as support for authenticating proxies.

Sander van Zoest IRC: Svanzoest | Wiki: SanderVanZoest | Last.fm: svanzoest ]
Sander has created Perl bindings for the client library, which you can find on CPAN

Simon Reinhardt IRC: Shepard | Wiki: Shepard ]
Simon is one of the top editors and has been an AutoEditor. He helped working on style issues as a RelationshipEditor, through mailing list discussions, organising in the BugTracker and documenting in the wiki. Many of his ideas influenced the plans for the NextGenerationSchema which he could discuss with other community members on the MusicBrainzSummit7. Simon is also responsible for the German translation of the PicardTagger and had developed a Java client API for the RDF export. He has waived all of his special rights in MusicBrainz by now but remains a member of the community.

Olivier (dmppanda) IRC: dmppanda, Mangled, workingMoose, chocoMoose... | Wiki: dmppanda ]
Olivier is our French troubadour, and occasionally one of the top editors, being promoted AutoEditor one month after his enrollment. His main interest is jazz, but he also launched (or tried to) an elan of French artists cleanup and is one of our label specialist. He's been involved in writing documentation and wiki wardening, and was about to be chosen as the new style leader, but real life grabs it and he's currently inactive.