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Relationship Type "Reader"

Status: Alert.png This is a ProposedAdvancedRelationshipType and hasn't been implemented, yet! It is part of PerformanceRestructuringProposal.

Link Phrases

  • artist read album or track
  • album or track was read by artist


This describes speech done on whole albums or just tracks that is done by a reader. A reader simply reads texts. Normally this applies to AudioBooks. Note that this is different from a narrator who narrates a story. A reader reads the spoken parts of stories whereas in a narration they are normally spoken by others. For a narrator use NarratorRelationshipType.

  • This part is confusing... Obviously, narrations can be done by one person only, so, IMO the number of "readers" hardly qualifies the difference... Also, a narration certainly consists of a text "read" by somebody... All in all, I don't really get the difference - and it certainly deserve a better explanation... -- dmppanda 07:03, 03 June 2007 (UTC)

This AdvancedRelationshipType is part of the PerformanceRelationshipClass. It is a special case of SpeakerRelationshipType.

Relationship Attributes

"additional" and "guest"

There is no guideline yet how the additional and the guest flag might be used for "read" relationships. (AdditionalRelationshipAttribute and GuestRelationshipAttribute)


Jim Dale read Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (feat. reader: Jim Dale) (disc 1)

Monty Arnold read Dunkel (feat. reader: Monty Arnold) (disc 1)

Proposed Definition

This is how it would be implemented for artist--track:

 reader (1)

    * forward: {additional:additionally} {guest} read
    * reverse: was {additional:additionally} {guest} read by
    * description: Indicates an artist reading a text on this work.
    * attributes: additional=0-1 guest=0-1

And for album--artist:

 reader (1)

    * forward: was {additional:additionally} {guest} read by
    * reverse: {additional:additionally} {guest} read
    * description: Indicates an artist reading a text on this work.
    * attributes: additional=0-1 guest=0-1


I'm not sure if my opinion has any worth, but I support this suggestion wholeheartedly. --artysmokes

  • Support messages and encouragements are certainly better fit into the mailing-list thread for example ;) DeleteWhenCooked. Now, can I ask you (again!) not to mess page footers? -- dmppanda 07:03, 03 June 2007 (UTC)