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Status: This Page is Glorious History!

The content of this page either is bit-rotted, or has lost its reason to exist due to some new features having been implemented in MusicBrainz, or maybe just described something that never made it in (or made it in a different way), or possibly is meant to store information and memories about our Glorious Past. We still keep this page to honor the brave editors who, during the prehistoric times (prehistoric for you, newcomer!), struggled hard to build a better present and dreamed of an even better future. We also keep it for archival purposes because possibly it still contains crazy thoughts and ideas that may be reused someday. If you're not into looking at either the past or the future, you should just disregard entirely this page content and look for an up to date documentation page elsewhere.

For the guidelines that apply to OverClocked ReMix tracks, see OC ReMix Series Style.

(Re)mix and version information of a song represented by a track must be entered in parentheses after the track's Main Title. The title of the mix/version and other proper names are formatted according to the Capitalization Standard, the other parts of this extra information must be put in lower case.

This guidelines is a sub-style of the more general Extra Title Information Style.

Ordering of Extra Title Information which includes Featuring Artist Style, Part Number, Track Version can be found under Track Title.


  • Blue (extended mix)
  • Bust the Future Wall (DJ Visage remix)
  • The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle (remix Juhannus by Sami Koivikko)
  • Talking All That Jazz (Torti's Old School Mix of Edits dub)
  • Bear Witness (Automator's 2 Turntables and a Razor Blade re-edit)
  • Disciple (demo)