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The MusicBrainz Wiki Documentation Effort

Status: Attention.png This page has not been updated for quite a while. Work on this project has been merged into work on WikiDocs.

We have started wikifying the MusicBrainzDocumentation from the main pages, with the hope that the MusicBrainz community as a whole can contribute to improving the documentation (which needs updating and improvement in many ways) and also with the belief that the ease of intertwingling that Wiki provides will actually make it easier to improve the documentation.

There is a very important RestructuringTheDocumentationDiscussion going on about how to do this, what the goals are etc. Please make sure to read and join this discussion before you join this project. Thanks. --DonRedman

The remainder of this page is

  1. A list of pages that have been wikified, and their status.
  2. A list of pages that have not yet been wikified and proposals on how to do it.

Documentation which has been wikified

The first batch of pages were just imported "as-is". Those pages still lack a StatusNotice at the top indicating where they were imported from, and what still needs to be done. You can find them [http:?back=OriginalVersion here]. If you have added a StatusNotice to a page, please list it below and replace the reference to "Original­Version" with something like "This is a wikified version of this static page" -- in this way Original­Version will eventually become obsolete. The notices should also have links like NeedsIntertwingling (or NeedsLinking), NeedsUpdating, BadWikiName, etc. so that they can be automatically linked here. See the RestructuringTheDocumentationDiscussion for more tips on adding a good StatusNotice.

Documentation listed by Wiki Name

List of documentation, ordered by WikiName.

Documentation listed by status

Documentation which still needs wikification

I have started to add WikiName suggestions to this list. Feel free to comment and/or change them. I believe it is good practice to MakeLinksBeforeMakingPages. See RestructuringTheDocumentationDiscussion --DonRedman