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These are the plans to solve the major problem of StyleGuideline 5 (FeaturingArtistStyle). They are as follows:

  1. Change the StyleGuideline like this: "If two or more primary artists perform on a track, create a collaboration artist for them and attach the track to it."
  2. Allow albums with various artists on the tracks but which are attributed to one artist to be moved to this artist.

The latter requires code changes such that:

  • The album listing will no longer list albums which have a track of the current artist on them and AlbumArtist == VariousArtists but list albums which have a track of the current artist on them and AlbumArtist != the current artist. Probably this part of the album listing will then be headed with "Track appears on" like in Discogs.
  • When listing tracks of an album the TrackArtists will only be shown if the are not the same for every track.
  • Albums which have VariousArtists as AlbumArtist (that is which are VariousArtistAlbums currently) get a "Move" link which allows moving them to a SingleArtist.


  • The Queen albums which are attributed to Queen on the cover and have all tracks by Queen except one which is by "Queen & David Bowie" are changed in the following way:
    1. Convert the album to VariousArtists
    2. Change the TrackArtist of the one track to a newly created collaboration "Queen & David Bowie"
    3. Move the album to the artist Queen This is a bit work but the result should be acceptable for everyone. ;)
  • The album The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring is nearly completly by Howard Shore except the last track which is by Enya. You could move the album to Howard Shore. This would have the following consequences:
    • The album appears in the discography of Howard Shore (in the main section).
    • The album appears in the VA section ("Track appears on") of Enya.
    • When looking at the album you see Howard Shore above it and the correct artist listed for every track.
  • The double album The K&D Sessions is added again and again to the artist Kruder & Dorfmeister because they remixed it and so it is attributed to them. You could move it to this artist and it would appear under their albums - but the remixed tracks still show the original artists.