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List of new features and bug-fixes in the 2011-05-16 (NGS) server release.

New Features

  • NGS is a complete re-write of MusicBrainz!
  • It includes a new schema that allows us to grow into a full fledged music encyclopedia.
  • RDFa support

Missing Features

  • Statistics & Timeline
  • Autoeditor elections
  • Full edits search

Search Changes

  • Add support for searching folksonomy tags.
  • Most of the open bugs for the search servers have been fixed. See the complete list of bugs
  • Incremental update of the indexes (this will be deployed some times after NGS release). This means you won't have to wait 6 hours to find your newly added artist in search results.

Web Service Changes

Schema Changes

Everything has changed!

Detailed bug list

For a complete history of the bugs fixed for this release: