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Status: This page describes an active advanced relationship proposal and is not official.

Proposal number: RFC-55
Champion: None
Current status: Abandoned?

Trac ticket # 1731

This proposal is part of PerformanceRestructuringProposal.

Link Phrases

  • artist spoke on release or track
  • release or track has speech by artist


This describes any type of speech done by artists that cannot be classified as singing, rapping, recitative and the like, that is which is not intended to be a musical performance of its own. Another definition could be that no lyrics are performed.

This AdvancedRelationshipType is part of the PerformanceRelationshipClass. It is a subtype of the vocal PerformerRelationshipType and has NarratorRelationshipType and ReaderRelationshipType as subtypes. Use those last two subtypes instead of this if they fit better. See their description for more info on differentiation.

Relationship Attributes

"additional" and "guest"

There is no guideline yet how the additional and the guest flag might be used for "speech" relationships. (AdditionalRelationshipAttribute and GuestRelationshipAttribute)


Wallu Walpio spoke on Introduction by Wallu Walpio (introduction to a concert).

Kent Broadhurst spoke on Regression (representing a hypnotherapist to lead into this musical piece).

Proposed Definition

This is how it would be implemented for artist--track:

 speaker (0)

    * forward: {additional:additionally} {guest} spoke on
    * reverse: has {additional} {guest} speech by
    * description: Indicates an artist speaking on this work.
    * attributes: additional=0-1 guest=0-1

And for album--artist:

 speaker (0)

    * forward: has {additional} {guest} speech by
    * reverse: {additional:additionally} {guest} spoke on
    * description: Indicates an artist speaking on this work.
    * attributes: additional=0-1 guest=0-1