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Style Guidelines

MusicBrainz has a lot of formalized data. But in all these formalized fields you still type plain text. In order for the database to be in a good consistent shape, we have agreed on a certain style in which to write this text.

Note that the StylePrinciples of MusicBrainz state:

  1. Follow ArtistIntent.
  2. If 1 is not applicable, use ConsistentOriginalData.
  3. If both 1 and 2 are not applicable, follow the StyleGuidelines.

The following guidelines are available:

  • This is a Wiki version of the OfficialStyleGuidelines on the website which outline how the data in MusicBrainz should be formatted and organized. Being a WikiPage it is more detailed and contains discussion, questions (and answers :-). It is also more up to date than the version on the website.
  • How to capitalize album and track titles. Since June 2004 we are working towards InterNationalization. This will give us language specific standards. CapitalizationStandard lists all available standards for different languages.
  • This is a place for new style guidelines to be proposed and discussed.


  • If you have a question regarding an OddRelease you might want to look for it in AdditionalMetadata. If you find it there your question might already been answered. If you do not find it, you can ask on the UsersMailingList. When your problem has been solved, please list your solution there to help others that come after you.
  • You might also want to look at the EditingGuidelines and at InformationOnEditing which explains how different edits work etc.
  • The MisencodingFAQ deals with data where something went wrong with the CharacterEncodings and what to do about it.

Changing Guidelines

The style guidelines form a very balanced set of rules. Changing them is a slow and careful process. Since 2005-12 a new process HowToChangeStyleGuidelines is emerging. See these email threads for details.

The MigrationGuideline requires that major changes to the StyleGuideline be tested by BetaEditing on the TestServer, to figure out if it entails any major SoftStructure changes.