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Attention.png EditorSubscription has been implemented and is now live. This page is either DeletedPage or history. -- dmppanda 16:37, 19 February 2008 (UTC)

Subscribe to Editor


(See mb-users thread "Hall of Shame?", May 2004. Thread starts with this mail. The idea came up in this mail)
There's also an open ticket for this feature.

Roughly sketching it out... let's say you "subscribe" to another editor, then (just like artist or label subscriptions) you could go to a page that lists all his/her edits and you could vote or comment on them.

It would probably be a good idea to be able to ignore some types of edits, e.g. AddPUIDsEdits.

Additionally at the end of each day you could get a mail like this:

  • Editor "foo" has entered 21 new edits, and made 7 autoedits (link to their edits goes here...)


  • Should it be possible to "subscribe to" their votes too?
  • Should the system offer to e-mail the other editor, to let them know you're subscribed to them?
  • Should the other editor be able to see who's subscribed to them?


Simply adding a page where we can 'store' those we wish to keep an eye on would be enough. As it is now, all we need to know is someone's name, and we can get access to all their edits, vote, failed edits data... and anything else they want us to know about them.

A 'My Editors' page would save me the effort of remembering (or keeping a local txt file list of) names.

Personally I don't care if someone wants to 'review' my edits (might get them approved faster!) so no notification needed... but others may disagree. Looking at my 'Open edits' will let me see if any one person is consistently voting for or against my edits, so no worries about vendetta behavior.


(in the meantime, be aware... i'm watching YOU!!!)

Unless someone else raises their hand, I'll take that one on. I think a better  approach to this is to make a "show all subscriptions" page which would show  all your subscribed artists, editors, and whatever else you  could conceivably subscribe to.  -- Taken from a posting by TarragonAllen  

  • 2004-06-07TarragonAllen To implement subscriptions to votes would probably require a lot more processing for the daily mail-outs. I'm not convinced that the usefulness of this feature would merit the extra processing hit. 2004-06-07TarragonAllen I don't think an email to the subscribee should be required on subscription, however being able to see who's subscribed to you would be beneficial. Possibly the daily notification can also list new people who've subscribed to you. 2004-06-07TarragonAllen I think subscriptions should be openly visible by default, much the same as artist subscriptions should be. The more open we can make information like this, the better as far as fostering a community feeling is concerned imo. If people want to worry about privacy then give them the option to hide their subscriptions, but I don't feel there's any need to hide it all by default. The less obstructions we put in the way, the better.

SOTSN (Slightly Off-Topic Side Note): Having the option to 'show all edits on artist related to my subscribed artists' would be really handy... --jellyfish