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Status: This page describes an active style guideline proposal and is not official.

Proposal number: RFC-334
Champion: pbryan
Current status: RFC

[RFC-334: Theatre Style Artist Collaborations RFC]


Next generation schema is in place now, and many of us have begun to get our bearings on how to use them. Prior to NGS, we deferred the issue of how to express commonly credited composer/lyricist collaborations in theatre style releases until after NGS released. This proposal is an attempt to finally address this issue.


This RFC proposes changing the Style/Specific_types_of_releases/Theatre official style guideline to reflect individual artist credits for well-known and commonly expressed theatre work collaborations on release groups, releases, recordings and track listings. The changed page is Proposal:Theatre Style Artist Collaborations/Theatre (diff).

I have taken the liberty of migrating one release group of Gilbert & Sullivan and its associated recordings to this proposed method in order to demonstrate how it will manifest in live data: The Mikado (Glyndebourne Festival Chorus, Pro Arte Orchestra feat. conductor: Sir Malcolm Sargent).