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Updating to MoinMoin 1.5


The MusicBrainzWiki is about to be updated to the current stable version of MoinMoin (1.5.x).
This page should track all issues that will be encountered in the migration, and discussion on the best way to fix them.

A testing instance of MoinMoin 1.5 is available at http://newwiki.musicbrainz.org.

The related ticket is 2320.


  • TOCs are now embedded in a table: you can't have any more a floating TOC on the right of the page (in fact you can but you must embed the TOC table in another table, but this looks ugly).


  • change icons for interwiki and external links
  • update the MusicBrainz skin
  • update / clean InterWiki table
  • check eventual regressions in transclusion of wikidocs
  • check cards behavior:
    • old cards are working as far as I can tell
    • I can't use the new syntax though. From macro/CardMacro I should be able to use parameters eg [[Card(Cards/WikiNavCard,test1)]]. See: http://newwiki.musicbrainz.org/Cards/ArtistHeader for a non-working example. Am I missing something? -- dmppanda 20:31, 02 May 2007 (UTC)
    • There seem to be multiple, incompatible "Card" macro plugins around, with misleading docs. Check out the page now... - DaveEvans

Interesting patches which may be applied

FeatureRequests/TableOfContentsMinDepth: allow to specify a min depth with the TableOfContents macro.

With version 1.5, the page name is no longer automatically placed at the top as a title. So we'll have to use first-level headings to manually add a title. Problem is, that gets included in the TOC, which is not helpful.

  • Or, change the theme(s) to re-include the page title in the familiar place. - DaveEvans
    • As with this hack the title won't appear anyway on the transcluded doc, I would really prefer the suggested patch to be applied (which gives much more flexibility to TOCs), of course if this is not too much an hassle. -- dmppanda 20:18, 02 May 2007 (UTC)
    • Check out the "modern2" theme, compared to the (default) "modern" one.
    • We need H1 for wikidocselt pages, so I would actually consider it a benefit, if the theme would not show the title, but only the page did --DonRedman