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Applies to Releases that are part of a Series.

When a release is one of a Series and are labeled as volumes, separate the VolumeNumber from the MainTitle by a comma.

"ReleaseTitle, Volume 2"


"UK Space Techno, Volume 5"

"Café del Mar, Volumen Cinco"


This guideline is a specification of the more general SeriesNumberStyle. See that page for principles and details.

VolumeNumberStyle can be combined with DiscNumberStyle like so:

"ReleaseTitle, Volume 3 (disc 2: DiscName)"

"ReleaseTitle, Volume 1: VolumeName (disc 1: DiscName)"

Alternative names for volumes may be used, such as Tome, Book, Part, or their non-English equivalents.

  • Note that if the MainTitle of a Release is just "Volume 1" or similar then this guideline should not apply!
  • Also note that the AbbreviationStyle says that you should not use abbreviations in titles. So "Vol." should always be expanded to "Volume" (assuming the ReleaseLanguage is English). (but see below for discussion)
  • Also note that the SubTitle of a release of a series must be formatted according to SubTitleStyle.