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Status: libtunepimp uses the old RDF WebService and should not be used in new development. See WebService for more details.

Please read the libtunepimp introduction if you are not familiar with libtunepimp. For more details on how to use this library, please take a look at the ClientHOWTO.


download.gif libtunepimp 0.5.3 Source Distribution (tar.gz)
(MD5: 09649f983acef679a548344ba7a9bb2f)
download.gif libtunepimp 0.4.4 Source Distribution (tar.gz)
(MD5: 9e66431e28fc9a8b741a4a0fa84935d0)
download.gif libtunepimp 0.3.0 Source Distribution (tar.gz)

Language Bindings

Python and Perl bindings are included in the source distribution of libtunepimp. Please check the python or perl subdirectories in the source distribution for more details. Other releases are available on the MusicBrainz FTP Server.


The libtunepimp is licensed under the GPL (GNU General Public License) and LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License).

Get Source Code

The source code of libtunepimp is available using anonymous Subversion access. Read the Subversion document for instructions on how to use Subversion and checkout the libtunepimp source code. Alternatively, you can browse the libtunepimp Subversion repository directly using the source browser.

svn checkout http://svn.musicbrainz.org/libtunepimp/trunk libtunepimp