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I'm not too sure of the new name of this page. Is this really about Advanced Entities? As I understood it it was just a suggestion for a few new 'normal' entrities. //bnw

  • The major difference seems to be that a CoreEntity is part of the CoreSchema, while an AdvancedEntity will be related to other entities by AdvancedRelationships only. Therefore advanced entities can be used in multiple contexts. Their function is not hard-coded in the schema. this is a case of DisentangleInterfacesFromSchema. --DonRedman
    • I'm still not sure if I understand what AdvancedEntity is. From technical point of view it's just a bunch of new tables in database (one for storing main info, others for AdvancedRelationships; e.g.: label, lt_album_label, l_album_label), isn't it? Or did I completely misunderstood it? --LukasLalinsky

A few ideas/questions about labels: I think we could have an additional AR to Artist: "Label created by Artist". Also, labels history may be quite complicated, and simple start/end dates are essentially inadequate (labels may have an independent period, then went dormant, then re-emerge as an owned subsidiary...). Also, it's an important information for defunct labels to know who bought (and now owns) their catalog (maybe an AR to label is usable for that?) - though this case may also be complicated (catalog leasing, rights for only a specific region of the world). Not only catalogs, but of course labels may be sold and change hands a few times - I guess we need dates for that (X bought Y in Date), and it may be really hairy in some cases (labels splits, fusion, name change...). I can also think about more AR to artists to describe who does what (Producer, Musical Director, Main Engineer, etc...) though this information may be implicit (as they exist "in" the releases). As a field of experiment, I used a sort of "template" for the jazz labels project (check the Mode Records page) - while I'm sure it may be enhanced/rehauled, it's an attempt at determining what we need for labels. -- dmppanda 15:35, 03 September 2006 (UTC)

Shepard, this one too - hasn't it been superceeded by NGS, so perhaps no longer a member of? DeleteWhenCooked -- BrianSchweitzer 20:36, 20 August 2007 (UTC)

  • It contains some stuff in an older form of thinking about the problems, some stuff which isn't covered by NGS completely and some stuff which is already CompletedWork - but as a page with a bit of historical value and to explain why things led to the formulation of NGS in exactly that way (that is to follow the "train of thought") I think this can stay as it is. You may add something saying this is an older proposal if you feel like it but well, it still is a separate facette of the problems to be solved by NGS. Just as we have AdvancedRelationships, we wanted to have "richer" objects. And this page collected them. -- Shepard 21:48, 20 August 2007 (UTC)
    • Oh, totally understood - I was just referring to theindicator below - been working with warp on his project to find/track all the (forgotten in many cases) open proposals out there, and figure out which ones are still "live", rather than as you describe. DeleteWhenCooked -- BrianSchweitzer 23:57, 20 August 2007 (UTC)