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  • How does this web service deal with special characters? For example Mýa or Adèle. I have tried both URLEncoding and XMLEncoding but without any luck.
  • When using ?name=... it says it retrieves resources with a matching name (or title). What kind of "matching"?
  • How exactly does ?duration=... work - does it support range or fuzzy matching for example?
  • If multiple filter arguments are given, how do they combine? Is it allowed to repeat a filter argument (e.g. ?artist=X&artist=Y) ?
  • AFAICT nowhere does it say what exactly all the ?inc options do. I can guess most of them, in a vague sort of way, but for example is ?inc=artist-rel artist releases or artist relationships (or something else)? If these have already been defined, then a pointer to that definition would be helpful.
  • Are there any plans on adding release lookup by EAN / UPC code? Would be a very nice feature for media libraries to get more information about audio CDs. --BrainDamaged
  • How can I retrieve the tracks of the second disc of an album via the web service? I have the discId, but I can not retrieve the related tracks, or is there a way to do this?
  • For a release, how can one retrieve the release artist, all the tracks and all the track artists in one call? I have been making one call for the release (&inc=artist+tracks) but this does not return the artist for each track. So, I make a call for each track (&inc=artist). Per http://wiki.musicbrainz.org/XML_Web_Service#Limiting_Connections_to_the_MusicBrainz_Web_Service, I wait a second between each call. This takes a long time! --rossetyler
    • When the track artist is the same as the release artist, the track artist is not present/repeated. However if do the request for a release with multiple artists, track artist will appear in xml: example Murdos 07:21, 18 January 2010 (UTC)