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See discussion on ClarifyExtraTitleInformation

For example I think "(excerpt)" and "(highlights)" should be in that ExtraInformationStyle: in brackets and lowercase and note it's not a track only matter. --ClutchEr2

The following additions to this guideline were discussed on the mailing list on 2004-11-18:

  • Extra title information should always be in English, except for volume identifiers which are considered part of the title and should be consistent with the language used in the title.
  • Expand all abbreviations within extra title information unless they are part of a title, ie: RMX or MX can sometimes be considered part of a remix title and so should not be blanketly expanded. Featuring is the only accepted abbreviation (as "feat."), all similar abbreviations should be expanded.

It is currently not possible to store all information about releases that people might be interested in. Rather than clutter release/track titles with too much information, the following details should be left out:

  • Country of release or designation as an import
  • Record label
  • Designation as a "bonus track"
  • Any other information not discussed in the OfficialStyleGuidelines.

You can, however, add this information to the ReleaseAnnotation.

"but required to make it distinguishable from different releases or tracks with the same MainTitle" - I think this should be removed, as it's not always the case - e.g. if a track is only ever recorded as a live version, does that mean "(live)" is not required? I'm not sure how to reword it, but basically I think that it should be that any info deemed appropriate on the sleeve is valid ExtraTitleInformation, except that which is irrelevant (eg 'bonus track' - because the track itself is no different). --Gecks

I'd be interested in clarification of phrases such as "Deluxe Edition" that appear on record sleeves. Is this to be treated as a subtitle, to be used in upper case after a colon, or to be considered ExtraTitleInformation and put in lower case in brackets? Currently, the phrase appears in both forms on MBz, or is missing completely. --ArtySmokes