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  • Bob Marley & The Wailers wasn't a collaboration; the name of the group was "Bob Marley & The Wailers". The same is true for Bill Haley & His Comets - see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bill_Haley_%26_His_Comets . Ie, either is equivalent to "Hootie & The Blowfish"; the current split in the table given is factually inaccurate.
    • About Bob Marley: fair enough. I assumed, I guess wrongly, that since there's The Wailers, then there's at least a chance that BMatW becomes an NGS collaboration. In any case, I thought it was funny that BMatW doesn't follow the current guideline, and hasn't for years.
    • About Bill Haley vs. Hootie: you're right (AFAIK). Neither is a collaboration, and neither is treated as one in the current or proposed Sortname Style. Why are they treated differently in the examples? Because, as I understand the current guideline, Bill Haley is a person while there is no "Hootie" in H&TB. So H&TB is treated as a single "name" while BH&HC is treated as a person with a backing/support band.
    • The reason "collaborations" aren't mentioned in the guideline, current or proposed, is that (AFAIK) NGS collaborations won't have Sortnames, at least at first.