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Remember that ArtistIntent always outweighs the StyleGuideline, so if tracks are deliberatly untitled, they should not be given an unofficial name.

  • Hmm, can you give examples of when a track is 'deliberatly untitled' and when it is not? i can think of some, but i think i'd argue that when the unofficial titles reach a certain level of proliferation, then the artists wishes don't really matter? i'm not sure. hmm! --Gecks I assume this means that if a silent track is named on the album (eg the 13th track on Furious Angels, called 'Pause') then the track should not be renamed [silence]... I did think that was a little odd. --Deebster

I've kept DataTrackStyle separate, because that also deals with a SpecialPurposeArtist named [data track]. --Zout

This guideline incorporates the old SilenceTrackStyle, the old UntitledTrackStyle and the OldUnnamedTrackStyleProposal. --Zout

Note that it's difficult to define things when 'song' and 'track' are used as synonyms, even if they are not. --Zout

The only potential problem I can see: people continually reediting the lower case descriptors. Possible solution: a list of "preferred" descriptors to be used unless none are appropriate. -- MichelleW

  • That is not my experience; when the descriptors are correct, i.e. it doesn't say "[guitar solo]" when it's a drum solo, editors do not touch it. This style is being applied to all Pearl Jam live releases, with not even once the potential problem you mention. --Zout

Regarding rule 1.1 - I think this needs to be extended to album names as well, for untitled albums that have a common name. Perhaps not on this page, mind. UntitledReleaseStyle? --Gecks

  • If you create the wiki page, people are much more likely to agree ;) --Zout

How do you indicate that a track is hidden or unlisted if it has an official title elsewhere? Torc 20:23, 28 July 2010 (UTC)