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About this last part: while I understand this in general, some of the groups on last.fm dedicated to a single artist are outstanding, with nice descriptions, nice journals, nice community of fans in the group's forum. So IMHO "John Doe has a fan page at http://www.last.fm/group/John_Doe" should be accepted. --MLL

  • Only problem is that last.fm still doesn't disambiguate, so you could have each of our three Nirvana listings pointing to the same one Nirvana listing there - see the comments about problems with CDBaby search linking above... (Now if they ever add artist disambiguation, of course, this objection goes away...) :) -- BrianSchweitzer 05:00, 28 August 2007 (UTC)

Now that last.fm has re-enabled the music downloading feature, I think 'is available to download' links to last.fm should be considered quite acceptable. --KrazyKiwi

Some artists use their artist pages on Last.fm as their official presence on the Web. See http://www.last.fm/music/Halo33 as an example. This rule should not apply in these cases. "has an official homepage at" and "can be downloaded for free at" should be permissible here. --cparker15


Wiki says "deliberately obfuscate their URLs to prevent people using their content without permission, and as such any links will be 'hacks', and are liable to not work over time", but this is not the case anymore since at least a year. They even have a "Send link to friend" button. So now, for Catherine Mackintosh we have a reliable bio at http://wm02.allmusic.com/cg/amg.dll?p=amg&sql=41:37939. So I think allmusic.com links should be allowed. --MLL

If I recall - the last time this was discussed, their TOS arn't clear regarding deep linking, this combined with the fact they are a direct competitor to MB, it was decided to continue applying this styleguide although the links might continue to work.





There is an excellent alternative, www.megastore.se has a very extensive range of european released music, mostly Swedish, but with quite a lot of other scandinavian stuff too. There are several clear advantages over cdon: It will ship internationally (including shipping the scandinavian releases of things), the site is available in english and accepts multiple currencies, and you can link directly to releases (no session data in the url.) I have no affiliation, but I've pointed several people there already for harder to find swedish releases, and they have been happy. --KrazyKiwi

Linking to product pages on cdon.com is possible by using the direct link present at the bottom of the page instead of copying the url inside the address bar. You still have the switching language/location problem which is actually worse because there is no language section to navigate back to. You can change the navroot value in the url to switch language/location though. --fridaythe14th (2007-09-13)


Hmm, I'm thinking we might want to revisit this one now, since artist and album pages can now be visited on the web under iTunes Preview. This should also resolve the verification issue.

To make this clear:

iTunes page for 2Pac:

These links are accessible anywhere despite the geography.

This may or may not work, depending on where you live.

Won't work at all, redirects to the iTunes program, and even then, the Philippines iTunes Store does not sell music, so not found.

We could try a two link approach (artist home country, your country) so we can see the available data from the home country, then see if it's available in your home country, almost like how the Amazon AR does it with the "same store as cover art" / "your preferred country" thing.

Another example (this time a Japanese-only artist, Music Box Angels)

Available anywhere.

Won't work, does not exist in U.S. (also opens the iTunes program and tries in the geographic store already set in the program, so actually opened in the Japanese store I had open in iTunes)

Won't work, same effect as U.S.

One more example (this time a U.S./U.K. release not available in Japan, Uprising by Muse)

Works everywhere

Works for me, since I'm in the U.S.

Does not work, as it does not exist in that store. (Opens iTunes program also)

Since the primary problem, verification, is resolved, could we add iTunes links now? --Geopgeop 07:03, 19 December 2009 (UTC)