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| [[User:Zas|Zas]]
| [[User:Zas|Zas]]
=== Currently in use, but soon to go away ===
=== Currently in use, but soon to go away ===

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Server names at Hetzner

Server names at hetzner will have band names. Again, short and easy to type. Zas and Ruaok reserve the right to reject suggested names.

Server Name Chosen By Notes
bowie (David Bowie) ruaok
zappa (Frank Zappa) ruaok on behalf of zas
kiki (Kiki & Herb) IRC conversation
herb (Kiki & Herb) IRC conversation
queen (Queen) CatCat
serge (Serge Gainsbourg) Zas

Currently in use, but soon to go away

Server Name Taken From Chosen By Notes
asterix Asterix navap [1]
astro Astro Boy alastairp [2]
baron Whisper of the Heart / The Cat Returns Nikki [3]
bert Sesame street ruaok
cartman South Park ruaok
dagon Dagon demosdemon I chose it after the deity linked or Lovecraftian deity (take your pick), I'll find a animated character that fits
dora Dora, La Exploradora warp [4]
ernie Sesame street ruaok
gir Invader Zim ruaok our switch -- in honor of Zim, our first server
hobbes Calvin and Hobbes murdos [5]
hoser Strange Brew drsaunde [6]
jiji Kiki’s Delivery Service jesus2099 [7]
lobe Freakazoid! Freso
lolo The Adventures of Lolo the Penguin reosarevok [8]
luna Sailor Moon CatCat [9] - CatCat just watched the Sailor Moon S movie and was overwhelmed with cute. [10] (virtual machine running forums)
nomo Cross Game Mineo MyAnimeList says: "He is often seen eating, sleeping, meowing or just appears in the background throughout the series."
perry Phineas and Ferb CatCat [11]
pingu Pingu luks [12] (perry runs the wiki)
pino Ergo Proxy Mineo [13]
remy Ratatouille Nikki new Jira VM
rika Higurashi no Naku Koro ni ianmcorvidae [14] (user machine)
roobarb Roobarb ijabz [15]
rocko Rocko's Modern Life bitmap
sakura Cardcaptor Sakura kepstin
scooby Scooby-Doo ruaok Uh, duh. Scooby snacks!
spike My Little Pony warp Spike is a purple and green baby dragon. He is Twilight Sparkle's best friend and number one assistant.
tails Sonic the Hedgehog aCiD2 [16]
taz Looney Tunes Elliot Davis
teto Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind ianmcorvidae decided on my own, nausicaa (suggested by salo.rock) is way too long/hard-to-type for a server name and teto is a cute fox-squirrel
tintin The Adventures of Tintin bitmap (new VM for stats, on hoser)
totoro My Neighbour Totoro murdos, Nikki [17], [18]
wiley Merrie Melodies ruaok [19]
zaphod (alias for carl or lenny) The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy djce

Not in use yet

Server Name Taken From Chosen By Notes
pabu Legend of Korra demosdemon
goku Dragon Ball Z navap


Server Name Taken From Chosen By Notes
bender Futurama djce I forget
blik Catscratch keschte [20] memcached/backup server
carl The Simpsons Muz [21]
catbus My Neighbour Totoro Nikki Search/raw db server.
cosgrove Freakazoid! Freso chatlogger VM
dexter Dexter's Laboratory CatCat hefty
hefty The Smurfs Dave Evans (former mirror at last.fm)
jem Jem and the Holograms BrianFreud [22] Search server
lenny The Simpsons Muz [23]
lingling Drawn Together Jean (ruaok's ex) [24]
misty Pokémon warp [25] Search server
moose Muz DB server
odie Switch
stimpy Ren and Stimpy Kevin Murphy [26]
zim Invader Zim ruaok our first server! Used to run all of musicbrainz!

Other named things

Gear Named Taken From Chosen By
Backup disks HUEY, DEWEY, LOUIE ... djce
Dreadfully awful backup disks CAFFEINE, ALCOHOL, THC (life) ruaok
Retired backup disks SEX, DRUGS, ROCKNROLL (popular culture) djce, ruaok, [27]