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Currently in use

Server Name Taken From Chosen By Notes
asterix Asterix navap [1]
astro Astro Boy alastairp [2]
carl The Simpsons Muz [3]
cartman South Park ruaok
dora Dora, La Exploradora warp [4]
dexter Dexter's Laboratory CatCat [5]
gir Invader Zim ruaok our switch -- in honor of Zim, our first server
hefty The Smurfs djce
hobbes Calvin and Hobbes murdos [6]
lenny The Simpsons Muz [7]
lingling Drawn Together Jean (ruaok's ex) [8]
pingu Pingu luks [9]
rika Higurashi no Naku Koro ni ianmcorvidae [10] (user machine)
roobarb Roobarb ijabz [11]
scooby Scooby-Doo ruaok
stimpy Ren and Stimpy Kevin Murphy [12]
tails Sonic the Hedgehog aCiD2 [13]
totoro My Neighbour Totoro murdos, Nikki [14], [15]
wiley Merrie Melodies ruaok [16]
zaphod (alias for carl or lenny) The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy djce

Not in use yet

Server Name Taken From Chosen By Notes
lolo The Adventures of Lolo the Penguin reosarevok [17]
baron Whisper of the Heart / The Cat Returns Nikki [18]
pino Ergo Proxy Mineo [19]
taz Looney Tunes Elliot Davis -


Server Name Taken From Chosen By Notes
blik Catscratch keschte [20] memcached/backup server
catbus My Neighbour Totoro Nikki Search/raw db server.
jem Jem and the Holograms BrianFreud [21] Search server
misty Pokémon warp [22] Search server
moose Muz DB server
zim Invader Zim ruaok our first server! Used to run all of musicbrainz!

Other named things

Gear Named Taken From Chosen By
Backup disks SEX, DRUGS, ROCKNROLL (popular culture) djce, ruaok, [23]