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This page gives a structured overview of existing and planned HowTo's. For a plain list, see the. HowTo's are the lightweight, user-orientated part of the [[MusicBrainz Documentation|MusicBrainzDocumentation]]. The pages' stress lies on tutorials and not exhausting exact documentations.  
How-Tos are the lightweight, user-orientated part of the [[MusicBrainz Documentation|MusicBrainz documentation]]. The pages' stress lies on tutorials and not exhausting exact documentations.
If you want to create a new HowTo, please consider the following points:
* Use the [[How To Template|HowToTemplate]] for the layout of new pages.
* Titles of HowTo pages always start with "HowTo". The titles should not contain complicated [[MusicBrainz Terminology|MusicBrainzTerminology]] but be simple and orientated at what the users could look for. E.g. [[How To Make Relationships|HowToMakeRelationships]] rather than [[How To Advanced Relationships|HowToAdvancedRelationships]].
* Find a good place in the structured list below to link to your HowTo. Don't think about the technical background of it but where users would expect to find it.
* Remember: HowTo's should just be simple step by step instructions for how to do things, not document features! You can link to the documentations for further information though.
* For short questions we have the [[Frequently Asked Questions|FrequentlyAskedQuestions]], so HowTo's should be a bit longer than that. ;)
==Existing and Planned How To's==
* Browsing
[[Category:How To]]
** [[How To Search|HowToSearch]]
** [[How To Use Aliases|HowToUseAliases]]
* Editing
** [[How To Cancel Edits|HowToCancelEdits]]
** [[How To Write Annotations|HowToWriteAnnotations]]
** [[How To Do Smart Editing|HowToDoSmartEditing]] (overview to the variety of [[JavaScript]] features)
*** [[How To Use Guess Case|HowToUseGuessCase]]
*** [[How To Parse Track Listings|HowToParseTrackListings]]
** [[How To Get Your Edits Accepted|HowToGetYourEditsAccepted]] ''(or Moderations in [[Bad Terminology|BadTerminology]])''
** [[Advanced Relationship|AdvancedRelationship]]<code><nowiki></nowiki></code>s
*** [[How To Make Relationships|HowToMakeRelationships]]
*** [[How To Add URLs|HowToAddURLs]]
** Artists
*** [[How To Merge Artists|HowToMergeArtists]]
*** [[How To Add Artists With Same Names|HowToAddArtistsWithSameNames]] ''(because HowToAddDuplicateArtists can be missunderstood)''
<ul><li style="list-style-type:none">How about [[How To Split Artists|HowToSplitArtists]]? At least as a redirect.
** Albums
*** [[How To Add Albums|HowToAddAlbums]]
**** [[How To Properly Add Albums From Free DB|HowToProperlyAddAlbumsFromFreeDB]]
**** [[How To Add Various Artist Albums|HowToAddVariousArtistAlbums]]
*** [[How To Merge Albums|HowToMergeAlbums]]
*** [[How To Add Disc IDs|HowToAddDiscIDs]]
*** [[How To Add Script And Language|HowToAddScriptAndLanguage]]
*** [[How To Add Release Info|HowToAddReleaseInfo]]
*** [[How To Properly Add Non Album Tracks|HowToProperlyAddNonAlbumTracks]]
*** [[How To Change Cover Art|HowToChangeCoverArt]]
* Voting
** [[How To Find Edits|HowToFindEdits]]
* Picard
** [[How To Tag Files With Picard|HowToTagFilesWithPicard]]
** [[How To Add Disc IDs|HowToAddDiscIDs]]
** ...
* Wiki
** [[How To Use The Wiki|HowToUseTheWiki]]
** [[How To Write In The Wiki|HowToWriteInTheWiki]] / [[How To Create Wiki Pages|HowToCreateWikiPages]]
** [[How To Write A How To|HowToWriteAHowTo]]
* Contribute
** [[How To Contribute To MusicBrainz|HowToContributeToMusicBrainz]]
** [[How To Propose New Guidelines|HowToProposeNewGuidelines]]
** [[How To Write Feature Suggestions|HowToWriteFeatureSuggestions]]
** [[How To Contact Other Moderators|HowToContactOtherModerators]] ([[How To Contact Contributors|HowToContactContributors]]?) ''ew, please no :p''
* Development
** [[Replication How To|ReplicationHowTo]] (if someone knows about this and has a better name, feel free to rename the page)
[[Category:To Be Reviewed]] [[Category:How To]] [[Category:How To]] [[Category:Documentation]]

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