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** [[How To Cancel Edits|HowToCancelEdits]]  
** [[How To Cancel Edits|HowToCancelEdits]]  
** [[How To Write Annotations|HowToWriteAnnotations]]  
** [[How To Write Annotations|HowToWriteAnnotations]]  
** [[How To Do Smart Editing|HowToDoSmartEditing]] (overview to the variety of [[JavaScript]] features)  
** [[How To Do Smart Editing|HowToDoSmartEditing]] (overview of the [[Edit Suite|EditSuite]])  
*** [[How To Use Guess Case|HowToUseGuessCase]]  
*** [[How To Use Guess Case|HowToUseGuessCase]]  
*** [[How To Parse Track Listings|HowToParseTrackListings]]  
*** [[How To Parse Track Listings|HowToParseTrackListings]]  

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This page gives a structured overview of existing and planned HowTo's. For a plain list, see the. HowTo's are the lightweight, user-orientated part of the MusicBrainzDocumentation. The pages' stress lies on tutorials and not exhausting exact documentations.

If you want to create a new HowTo, please consider the following points:

  • Use the HowToTemplate for the layout of new pages.
  • Titles of HowTo pages always start with "HowTo". The titles should not contain complicated MusicBrainzTerminology but be simple and orientated at what the users could look for. E.g. HowToMakeRelationships rather than HowToAdvancedRelationships.
  • Find a good place in the structured list below to link to your HowTo. Don't think about the technical background of it but where users would expect to find it.
  • Remember: HowTo's should just be simple step by step instructions for how to do things, not document features! You can link to the documentations for further information though.
  • For short questions we have the FrequentlyAskedQuestions, so HowTo's should be a bit longer than that. ;)

Existing and Planned How To's

  • Development
    • ReplicationHowTo (if someone knows about this and has a better name, feel free to rename the page)