How To Cancel Edits

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If you've made a mistake, it is possible to cancel your own open edits.

Attention.png Status: This is a good idea, but Needs Intertwingling badly!

It is much better to do this than trying to enter a (for example) Remove Release Edit. Cancelling your own Open Edit is immediate, while all edit types that might possibly result in Loss Of Data must be voted upon.

How To Do It

To cancel your Open Edit, go to your user page page (by clicking on Account in the top bar), then clicking Review: ... Open edits.

A list of your edits will then be displayed, most recent first. You can cancel any that are still open for voting by clicking on the "Cancel" link.

Note that it's not possible to delete closed edits.


You enter an Add Release Edit, but then realize an identical release already exists in the Database.

Your Add Release Edit has not been applied, and has no Disc ID or PUIDs attached to it, so you cancel the edit and tag against the existing release.

When Not to Do It

If other users have added data to your edit, or if only minor corrections are needed, then it may best to allow the edit to go through and correct it later.

For example, if another user has added a Disc ID or PUIDs to your Add Release Edit, you should Merge Rather Than Delete.