How to Add Cover Art

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How to Add or Change Cover Art

This page describes how to add or change the cover art pictures for releases. This can be done using the AdvancedRelationshipType "... has Amazon ASIN ...".

How to Add Cover Art

On the designated release page there should be a link with Relate to URL. Click this and you should be taken the page where you can enter an URL.

In the pull-down menu under the header links to affiliates you will find the special link has amazon asin.

Be sure to add the URLs to the appropriate country's Amazon stores:

  • for US
  • for German
  • for Japanese and
  • for UK
  • for France etc.

where ######### is the 10 digit ASIN code. The ASIN will be parsed from the URL entered.

Also make sure you don't add URLs to products that are only sold by custom sellers (those that don't have an Amazon price).

Finally, be careful to add the right ASIN to the right release version. Don't add an ASIN that links to a version with bonus tracks to a release in MB that doesn't have them.

How to Delete Incorrect Cover Art of Promo Albums, Bootlegs, and Other Releases Not Present on Amazon

  1. Add a random Amazon ASIN AR.
  • (if applicable, with auto-editor privileges disabled)
  1. Edit the AR and change it to any type other than the AmazonRelationshipType (for example the ReviewRelationshipType).
  • (if applicable, with auto-editor privileges enabled)
  1. Cancel your AddRelationshipEdit (the one you entered in step 1).

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