How to Add a Place

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After editing for a while, you'll probably find that the place you want to describe or add information to, still hasn't been added to MusicBrainz. However, it's always important to check the database again to make sure that it isn't (in order to not create duplicate information)! Once you have checked that the place definitely isn't in the database, You can add it! To do that, select "Editing" and then "Add Place" from the top menubar:


This should take you to a page with a form that looks similar to this:



The first box is for the place's name and is usually pretty straightforward.

The second box labelled 'Disambiguation' is used to distinguish this place form one with a similar name. If there is another place with the same name in MusicBrainz, you have to enter a comment in this box. It's best to write a short and useful description of the place. e.g. "Large Victorian concert hall". However, if there's no place with the same name, you may leave this blank.