How to Add an Event

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You can find the Add Event option in Editing menu in top bar.


You will be directed to a website with a form like this:-

The First field is Name which means the official name of the event if it has one .

The Second field is Disambiguation which checks whether there are no two events with the same name , and if so, it warns you .

The Third field is Type which describes what kind of event the event is.There are 5 different types as follows:-

  • Concert :- An individual concert by a single artist or collaboration, often with supporting artists who perform before the main act.
  • Festival :- An event where a number of different acts perform across the course of the day. Larger festivals may be spread across multiple days.
  • Launch event :- A party, reception or other event held specifically for the launch of a release.
  • Convention/Expo :- A convention, expo or trade fair is an event which is not typically orientated around music performances, but can include them as side activities.
  • Masterclass/Clinic :- A masterclass or clinic is an event where an artist meets with a small to medium-sized audience and instructs them individually and/or takes questions intended to improve the audience members' playing skills.

Then there is a Cancelled option which means whether the event was cancelled or not.

Next is Setlist which stores a list of songs performed, optionally including links to artists and works.

Setlist is followed by Begin and End Dates which as the name suggests indicates the dates on which the vent started and ended.

Time means starting time of the event.