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Works are used as a way of defining a relationship between two Recordings. A good example of this would be that you have added a new Release but want to show which songs are cover versions and what the original Recording was that has been covered.

Usually you need to define the relationship between the newly added Recording and the pre-existing Work (already related to the original Recording) but if there is no Work then you will have to add this yourself by using the Editing toolbar > Add Work.

Add the name of the Recording, the type and the lyrics language and then create the Work. Copy the URL of this new Work to your clipoboard.

Go to the Recording page for the original Recording (i.e. the composer of the song) and relate it to the Work (the easiest way is to click Relate to... and then paste the URL of the new Work into the box), then pick "is a {partial} {live} {instrumental} {cover} recording of..." and DON'T check any of the optional checkboxes. This will define the original Recording as being the orginal for the Work too. This sounds a bit confusing, but it's necessary.

Once this step has been completed, then go to the Recording page for the cover version (from the Release that you orginially added) and follow the same steps as above but this time tick the checkbox for cover version.

--Evilnick (talk) 00:53, 3 April 2013 (UTC)