How to write Good Critiquebrainz Reviews

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General guidelines before writing a review

  • Read some good reviews!
    You can find lots of great reviews on CritiqueBrainz, or search the web.
  • Write in a comfortable voice.
    A good review probably won't sound like an academic paper, and probably won't sound like a youtube comment, but it should sound like you.
    Reviews don't need to be in English. If you're more comfortable in another language, go for it. Choose a language in which you can express your emotions/thoughts freely.

Writing a well formatted review

The editor in the review column follows Markdown so you can always beautify your review using the formatting styles because a well formatted article/review makes it readable and it becomes a little easy to understand what you have written. You can use the following link to learn markdown.

Common mistakes people do while writing reviews

  • Writing long reviews that lack specific details.
  • Forgetting to check the factual information in the review after finishing the writing process.
  • No proofreading the review after finishing it.

External links

You can read some reviews from these sites before writing your own :-

A few great review sites