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The International Standard Musical Work Code (ISWC) is an ISO standard similar to ISBNs for identifying musical works / compositions.

According to the Wikipedia article about ISWC, to register an ISWC, the following minimal metadata must be supplied:

  • title
  • names of all composers, arrangers and authors, with their role in the piece (identified by role code) and their CAE/IPI number
  • work classification code (CIS (?))
  • identification of other works it is a derivative of

Since the change to the NGS MusicBrainz stores ISWCs for works.

See also

  • IPI, a number identifying persons connected to ISWC registered works (authors, composers, etc.)
  • ISMN, an ISO standard for identifying printed music publications
  • ISRC, an ISO standard for identifying recordings of music, developed by the IFPI
  • Website of the registration authority