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Artists with Klingon Names or Works with Titles in Klingon

The following is a partial list of InternationalArtists whose names are Klingon or who have works with titles in Klingon. If you can read and write Klingon, please consider adding these artists to your ArtistSubscriptions so that you can be notified when there are additions or changes to their discographies, and you can check them for errors. If you know of other Klingon artists not listed here, please add them.


While there are of course no real Klingons, there is a real (if artificial) Klingon language (tlhIngan Hol), as legitimate as Esperanto or other artificial languages, if perhaps not as widely used. There's a good Wikipedia article about Klingon. Marc Okrand is the inventor of the Klingon language, so if anyone could be said to be a native speaker, it would be him. However, he only has two SpokenWord releases that attempt to teach some of the language. (Note that these are entered in the database as English/Latin since that's the language the titles are in.)

There are two known artists who have released music in Klingon. The Portland death-metal band Stovokor has two songs on the Trekkies 2 soundtrack, as well as a demo EP Metal of Honor (with the same two songs). However, although they sing in Klingon, their song titles are in English.

Bianca Maria Gerlich ("Klingon" name: K'Vacor [although tlhIngan Hol has neither 'k' nor 'c') has a CD (probably a CD-R) with a Klingon song - a single with Italian and Klingon versions of Puccini's aria "Un bel di vedremo" from Madame Butterfly. (Thanks to mo for finding this on FreeDB). Unfortunately, it's entered as [Multiple languages] since only one track title is in Klingon. @alex

That album is indeed in Klingon, but I don't know the language well enough to recompose the correct Klingon script characters (or, for that matter, whether the Unicode Consortium has officially added it yet or not. Last I checked it was still on the Extension list, along with Elvish). -Sailorleo

  • As noted in the Wikipedia article, there are several non-Latin scripts for Klingon, the most popular (if that word could actually be used) is the KLI pIqaD. However, this was rejected by Unicode for official inclusion, and exists only in a private use space for now. As such, and given that few (if any) systems include fonts for Klingon, it's unlikely we'll see Klingon script entries. Even if one were entered, there's no ISO 15924 code for tlhIngan pIqaD, and thus no possibility to specify it. @alex