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Country of origin of a Label

Label > Label Country



This field describes in which country a label was created. Its intent is to give an idea about the geographical origin of a label. It does not reflect in which country the label now distributes its stuff, or the country in which a corporation relocated.

The country list is drawn from ISO 3166.

The label country data field is required when creating a new label (though you can use the special country [Unknown country]).

Additional Informations

The label country field shares a lot with other fields in MusicBrainz that use country lists (eg: ReleaseEvent), including some of its problems/limitations. For more informations, you should consult ReleaseEventStyle or the old ReleaseCountryStyle.

Identifying a label country also presents its own difficulties. To help solving these, here are a few advices:

  • company's origin country are not usually hard to find out
  • an imprint should have as a country of origin the country of origin of the company that owns it, unless the imprint was created with the idea of targeting (only) a specific region of the world, in which case it's tolerable to use that instead
  • "holdings" are probably all international conglomerates (so [Worldwide] seems appropriate), unless you can actually identify the country in which such a company has been created...
  • don't overlook things: labels history are complicated, long and painful :-) - be sure of "what" exactly you're documenting. In doubt, use [Unknown country].