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#REDIRECT [[MusicBrainz Identifier]]
Each [[Label]] in [[MusicBrainz]] has a unique '''Label ID''', which is an absolute [http://ietf.org/rfc/rfc3986.txt URI]. It has the form <code><nowiki>http://musicbrainz.org/label/UUID</nowiki></code>, where <code><nowiki>UUID</nowiki></code> is a [[WikiPedia:Universally_Unique_Identifier|Universally Unique Identifier]] in its 36 character ASCII representation. In situations where the context is clear (such as file tags), just the <code><nowiki>UUID</nowiki></code> part can be used, leaving a ''relative URI''.
[[MusicBrainz]] also has <code><nowiki>UUID</nowiki></code>s for [[Artist ID|artists]] and [[Release ID|releases]].
The LabelID <code><nowiki>http://musicbrainz.org/label/713c4a95-6616-442b-9cf6-14e1ddfd5946</nowiki></code> is a unique identifier for the label [[Label:713c4a95-6616-442b-9cf6-14e1ddfd5946|Blue Note]]. 713c4a95-6616-442b-9cf6-14e1ddfd5946 is a relative URI for this label.
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