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Artists with Latin Names or Works with Titles in Latin

The following is a partial list of InternationalArtists whose names are Latin, or who have works with titles in Latin. If you can read and write Latin, please consider adding these artists to your ArtistSubscriptions so that you can be notified when there are additions or changes to their discographies, and you can check them for errors. If you know of other Latin artists not listed here, please add them.

Note that "Latin" artists who perform in Spanish (or Portuguese) should be listed under SpanishArtists or PortugueseArtists, regardless of their native country; these pages are by language, not by nationality.

Artifices Habentes Nomines Latinā vel Opi Habentes Tituli Latinā

Hi artifices habent nomines Latinā vel habent opi habentes tituli Latinā. Si Latinā legere et scribere potes, accomoda hi artifices in artifices legentes ut scias ubi artifices mutat ut reparāre potes. Si scis artifices Latinā non hi, accomoda.

Nota Bene: artifices "Latinā" qui apparere Espanie (vel Portuge) sub artifices Espaniā vel artifices Portugā accomodandi sunt. Hae paginae sub linguam non sub rus.


Well why not, if we have Klingon, we can have Latin, it is after all a created language also. ~mo

  • Latin is definitely not a created language, although it is now a historical one (there are many people who have learned to speak it, but it is no longer a first language for anyone). And Somnium is definitely in Latin (although it might be a bit much to say that Thou Shalt Suffer are really a Latin artist). @alex

I left out a lot of classical composer that should be added since almost all of them made at least one sacred work that has latin titles. Probably is to be listed here who used latin most of the times. --ClutchEr2