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Wikipedia is an online wiki-based encyclopedia in multiple languages that is dual-licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 3.0 License (CC-BY-SA) and the GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL). It contains many articles on bands and other artists. This is a short draft describing the possible collaboration between MusicBrainz and Wikipedia.

Linking from MusicBrainz to Wikipedia

You can use the Wikipedia Relationship Type to add relationships between artists, labels and albums and their Wikipedia URLs.

Benefits of linking from MusicBrainz to Wikipedia

The BBC (see BBC Teams Editing MusicBrainz) uses MusicBrainz to generate tracklists, discographies and artist profile info on its music website, Adding a relationship between an artist and a Wikipedia URL automatically generates a biography on the BBC site e.g. Miles Davis.

MusicBrainz is probably going to also support this feature in the future.

Linking from Wikipedia to MusicBrainz

Linking from the English Wikipedia to MusicBrainz

At the English Wikipedia, use the following templates to link to MusicBrainz objects (ALLCAPSWORDS are arguments):

  • {{MusicBrainz artist|id=PERMALINKCODE|name=NAMEOFARTIST}} (link)
  • {{MusicBrainz release-group|id=PERMALINKCODE|name=NAMEOFRELEASEGROUP}} (link)
  • {{MusicBrainz release|id=PERMALINKCODE|name=NAMEOFRELEASE}} (link) (link to the earliest release when using this)
  • {{MusicBrainz track|id=PERMALINKCODE|name=NAMEOFTRACK}} (link) (link to the earliest release when using this)
  • {{MusicBrainz label|id=PERMALINKCODE|name=NAMEOFLABEL}} (link)

and these ones to link to the MusicBrainz wiki:

  • {{MusicBrainz wiki|PAGENAME}} (link), (good for the references/external links section)
  • [[MusicBrainz:PAGENAME]] (better to use in the middle of a sentence)

Linking from the German Wikipedia to MusicBrainz

At the German Wikipedia, use the templates

  • {{MusicBrainz Künstler|id=PERMALINKCODE|name=NAMEOFARTIST}} (link)
  • {{MusicBrainz Album|id=PERMALINKCODE|name=NAMEOFALBUM}} (link) (link to the earliest release when using this)
  • {{MusicBrainz Label|id=PERMALINKCODE|name=NAMEOFLABEL}} (link)

Linking from the French Wikipedia to MusicBrainz

Please don't link from the French Wikipedia to MusicBrainz - French Wikipedians are against it. It's still perfectly OK (and encouraged!) to link from MusicBrainz to the French Wikipedia, just not the other way around.