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MusicBrainz Identifiers

MusicBrainz Identifiers are URIs which contain a Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) in its 36 character ASCII representation. In situations where the context is clear (such as file tags), just the UUID part can be used, leaving a relative URI.

Types of MusicBrainz ID

  • ArtistID ( http://musicbrainz.org/artist/<UUID> )
  • ReleaseID ( http://musicbrainz.org/release/<UUID> )
  • TrackID ( http://musicbrainz.org/track/<UUID> )
  • DiscID ( http://musicbrainz.org/discid/<discid> )
  • TRM
  • PUID

Special UUIDs

There are a number of Universally Unique Identifiers that have a special meaning.

00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 TRM Invalid TRM
7d154f52-b536-4fae-b58b-0666826c2bac TRM Returned by TRM sever when track is silent
f9809ab1-2b0f-4d78-8862-fb425ade8ab9 TRM Returned by TRM sever when track is track is too short
c457a4a8-b342-4ec9-8f13-b6bd26c0e400 TRM Returned by TRM sever when server is too busy
89ad4ac3-39f7-470e-963a-56509c546377 ArtistID Various Artists
1c6c63fb-f9af-4669-92c5-a1594671766a ArtistID Artist not in MusicBrainz database (and never will be)