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<small>[[Products]] > Magic MP3 Tagger</small>
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[http://www.magic-tagger.com Magic MP3 Tagger] is a Windows tag editor for the MP3 file format, focusing on automated music identification and correction. It uses a built-in excerpt of the MusicBrainz database to greatly speed up this identification process of your music files.
It uses an advanced dynamic algorithm for this purpose which features
* estimating correctitude of ID3 tags,
* automatically interpreting file and folder names,
* amending missing tag data from the internal MusicBrainz database,
* considering different naming patterns and similarities, various artist albums, compilation discs and known common misspellings,
* looking up song information by accessing MusicBrainz or freedb via the internet.
Magic MP3 Tagger also supports familiar MP3 tagging features like
* batch-editing ID3 tags,
* renaming files,
* sorting files into folders,
* handling duplicate files,
* supporting ID3 tag versions from 1.0 to 2.4,
* supporting Unicode
Magic MP3 Tagger is not an official MusicBrainz product. Support for Magic MP3 Tagger is available at [http://www.magic-tagger.com http://www.magic-tagger.com] under the menu point "FAQ & Support".
==Further Information==
Magic MP3 Tagger is shareware with a free trial version available. It is part of the [[Tagger Affiliate Program]] of MusicBrainz.
* [http://www.magic-tagger.com Home page]
* [http://www.magic-tagger.com/bin/magic_tagger.exe Download Magic MP3 Tagger]
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