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This is not an official [[MusicBrainz]] product. Support for this product is available at [http://www.magic-tagger.com/eng/contact.htm http://www.magic-tagger.com/eng/contact.htm].  
This is not an official [[MusicBrainz]] product. Support for this product is available at [http://www.magic-tagger.com/eng/faq.htm http://www.magic-tagger.com/eng/faq.htm].
==Further information==
==Further information==

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This is a Windows tag editor for the MP3 file format that supports and sponsors MusicBrainz. It uses a built-in excerpt of the MusicBrainz core data to speed up the identification process of music files. This tagger focuses on automated music identification and correction. It uses an advanced dynamic algorithm for this purpose which features

  • estimating correctitude of ID3 tags,
  • automatically interpreting file and folder names,
  • amending missing tag data from the internal MusicBrainz database,
  • considering different naming patterns and similarities, various artist albums, compilation discs and known common misspellings,
  • looking up song information by accessing MusicBrainz or freedb via the internet.

Magic Tagger also supports familiar MP3 tagging features like

  • batch-editing ID3 tags,
  • renaming files,
  • sorting files into folders,
  • handling duplicate files,
  • supporting ID3 tag versions 1.0 to 2.4,
  • supporting Unicode

Magic MP3 Tagger is part of the TaggerAffiliateProgram.


This is not an official MusicBrainz product. Support for this product is available at http://www.magic-tagger.com/eng/faq.htm.

Further information

If you'd like to download this tag editor or find out more about it, try the following links.

Magic MP3 Tagger is only available on the Windows Operating System. For MacOS X you can use the iEatBrainz application, and for other systems, the new cross-platform PicardTagger.