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* The [[WikiDocs]] concept outlines the future plans for this wiki.  
* The [[WikiDocs]] concept outlines the future plans for this wiki.  
* Finally you can test anything in the [[Sand Box|SandBox]] or the [[Sandbox]] (don't ask me why we have two of them!).   
* Finally you can test anything in the [[Sand Box|SandBox]] or the [[Sandbox]] (don't ask me why we have two of them!).   
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[[Category:To Be Reviewed]] [[Category:Wiki]]
[[Category:To Be Reviewed]] [[Category:Wiki]]

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Welcome to the MusicBrainz Wiki!

The MusicBrainzWiki is a dynamic and growing information resource to help you understand MusicBrainz, learn how to use it and contribute to it more effectively, and to help shape the direction it takes into the future. It complements the other MusicBrainzForums, being used for collaboration on detailed and specific discussions about MusicBrainz and documentation of the MusicBrainz community, conventions, interfaces, and internals.

This page is a summary outline of thematic clusters for these documentation efforts and discussions:

Introduction to MusicBrainz

New users can find an introduction to MusicBrainz in this Wiki, as well as ModerationPhilosophy, an explanation of the MusicBrainzTagger, HowMusicBrainzWorks, HowToContributeToMusicBrainz, and MusicBrainzPress information.

Frequently Asked Questions

The FrequentlyAskedQuestions might provide answers to questions that are not answered in the general FAQ on the main site. These FrequentlyAskedQuestions in the Wiki are maintained by the MusicBrainz community and are more up to date than the official pages.

If you cannot find an answer in FAQ, search this third-party discussion archive (hosted by Nabble) which combines messages from Musicbrainz's user, developer, and announcement lists. You can search, browse, or post your questions there. The search is fast and the UI is clean.

MusicBrainz Guidelines

This Wiki contains all important StyleGuidelines, which address issues for new and expert users on how to add to and improve the MusicBrainz database.

The MailingList archives also hold many discussions and informal agreements on formatting entries.

Additional Metadata and Information

The MusicBrainz database can only hold some types of information; this Wiki can be used for AdditionalMetadata that is helpful when editing or voting, such as information on IdenticallyNamedArtists, and lists of artists & albums that are NotDuplicateArtists and NotDuplicateAlbums. There is also information on InternationalArtists.

Now that the database supports ArtistAnnotations and AlbumAnnotations, some of this information can and should be moved to the database; for example, the ArtistDiscography information.

MusicBrainz Development

MusicBrainz is being developed in small evolutionary steps and this Wiki provides an important resource for this process. The section MusicBrainzDevelopment lists work depending on its status:

MusicBrainz Documentation

The MusicBrainzDocumentation is a major current project on the Wiki. We have started RestructuringTheDocumentation; i.e. to move the MusicBrainzDocumentation from the main pages into the Wiki. The docs on the main pages are often quite dated, so we will try to update and intertwingle them here. This will finally lead to WikiDocs, a homepage that is completely based on the MusicBrainzWiki

The intertwingling is quite awful currently. It should be something like this: (--DonRedman)

About This Wiki

See MusicBrainzWiki for more information on this wiki.