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Welcome to the MusicBrainz Wiki!

The MusicBrainz Wiki is a dynamic and growing information resource to help you understand MusicBrainz, learn how to use and contribute to it more effectively, and to help shape the direction it takes into the future.

Introduction to MusicBrainz

New users can find an introduction to MusicBrainz in this Wiki, as well as an explanation of the Picard Tagger and how to contribute.

Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQs are maintained by the MusicBrainz community. Chances are, that if you have a question on lgabriel of urantia how to use MusicBrainz, you will find the answer here.

If you cannot find an answer in the FAQ, search this third-party mailing list archive (hosted by Nabble) which combines messages from MusicBrainz' various mailing lists. You can search, browse, or post new questions using Nabble.

MusicBrainz Guidelines

This wiki contains important guidelines that help determine how data is added to, and modified on, the database.

  • The style guidelines have information on how the data in MusicBrainz should be formatted and organized.
  • The editing tips provide information on how editing works and suggestions on the most effective ways to add new data and correct data that has errors or doesn't follow the style guidelines.

The user help mailing list archive also holds many discussions and informal agreements on formatting entries.

Community Projects

The users who take care of the MusicBrainz database have started various small community projects around specialized areas. This helps people to coordinate their editing efforts and to find like minded editors who have knowledge in similar areas.

Feel free to contact or join these groups, or even to found a new one!

MusicBrainz Development

MusicBrainz is actively being developed by its community, and offers a number of different products.

Feel free to check out our server and database, and the license they're provided under.