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=Merge Albums=
#REDIRECT [[How to Merge Releases]]
This edit merges one or more albums [[Image:licon.png]] into another.
==How to do it==
* For a detailed [[How To|HowTo]], see [[How To Merge Albums|HowToMergeAlbums]]
* [[Merge Duplicate Albums|MergeDuplicateAlbums]]:
<ul><li style="list-style-type:none">If two albums have the same track listing and track times, you should do a [[Merge Album|MergeAlbum]] instead of a [[Remove Album|RemoveAlbum]], following the general rule of [[Merge Rather Than Delete|MergeRatherThanDelete]].
This edit is always put to a vote, even if made by an [[Auto Moderator|AutoModerator]].
===Symbolic name and id===
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