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The following organizations license our data and use MusicBrainz Identifiers (MBIDs) for their own operations. This list does not include any individuals/companies that are using our Public Domain/Creative Commons data snapshots -- there are many users of this data beyond the licensees listed here:

logo 7digital.jpg

7digital uses MusicBrainz data in their digital content platform to provide consumers, partners and developers with open access to an extensive international catalogue of high quality digital content.

logo 8tracks.jpg

8tracks uses MusicBrainz data in their internet radio service.

logo amazon.jpg

Amazon uses MusicBrainz data in their various music related offerings.

logo aol.png

Aol. uses MusicBrainz data to provide info on tracks being played in Winamp, and on their artist pages.

logo bandpage.png

BandPage uses MusicBrainz data for their services.


The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) uses MusicBrainz data to provide detailed information about the artists who get played on their radio networks. The BBC also has a team of editors who are participating in editing the MusicBrainz data for use with their internal systems and the /music web pages.

logo echonest.jpg

The Echo Nest uses MusicBrainz data in their Rosetta Stone project and many of their APIs.

logo google.jpg

Google uses MusicBrainz data to expand the FreeBase entity graph. Freebase is an open, Creative Commons licensed, repository of structured data.

logo grooveshark.png

Grooveshark is a peer-to-peer digital music brokerage and social community that rewards users for sharing their music. Grooveshark uses MusicBrainz data to fuel its music discovery system.

logo guardian.gif

The Guardian is a British daily newspaper that uses MusicBrainz Data to identify and link to music related articles on their web site.

logo musicgraph.png

Senzari uses MusicBrainz on their MusicGraph service.

logo lastfm red.gif is a social music site that combines the power of social networking with the power of music to provide first class music recommendations. With you can create your own music profile and listen to personalized radio stations that play your music recommendations.

logo musixmatch.png

MusixMatch licenses lyrics from all over the world and makes it easy to access and license lyrics.

logo radiotuna.png

Radio Tuna is a real-time search engine and player for online radio. Powered by MusicBrainz data, it tracks the music played on over 20,000 internet radio stations around the world, enabling them to be searched by artist or genre.

logo rocksho.jpg

rocksho is a music site that uses MusicBrainz as one of its data sources to let fans easily track their favorite artists.

Spotify logo horizontal white.jpg

Spotify uses MusicBrainz data in their music streaming services.

logo zvooq.png

Zvooq is a Spotify competitor in Russia that focuses on music released worldwide.

Find out more about our data licenses and what data is included in MusicBrainz.

Public education institutions

The following universities make use of our live data feed (provided for free to public education institutions):

logo upf.jpg

Universitat Pompeu Fabra -- The Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona uses MusicBrainz for projects in their Music Technology Group, like CompMusic.

qmul logo.jpg

Queen Mary, University of London -- Queen Mary, University of London uses MusicBrainz in their Centre for Digital Music.

Other MusicBrainz data users

The following companies/organizations are known to use the MusicBrainz data:

logo bandsintown.png

Bandsintown uses MusicBrainz data for their event-related services.

logo midwestcommunications.png

Midwest Communications owns 60+ radio stations in the US. They use MusicBrainz data to enhance their display of music information on each of their radio stations' websites.

logo intertech.gif

Intertech Media uses MusicBrainz to provide services to radio stations to power their "recently played" listings.

logo rankem.png

Rank'em -- Rank'em is crowdsourcing music discovery by aggregating the fan favorite songs for each and every artist of all-time. Rank 'em uses MusicBrainz to populate artist catalog listings so fans can easily rank their favorites through aided recall.

logo senscritique.png

SensCritique is a social network allowing users to rate and comment movies, books, music. SensCritique uses MusicBrainz data for building the music part of their content database.

logo setlistfm.png uses MusicBrainz data for their artist and release info.

logo songkick.png

Songkick uses MusicBrainz data for their event-related services.

Do you know of others using the MusicBrainz data? If so please, contact us and let us know.