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MetaBrainz Customers

The following companies have licensed our data for their own operations. This list does not include any individuals/companies that are using our Public Domain/Creative Commons data snapshots -- there are many users of this data beyond the licensees listed here:

Leela of the SuicideGirls.jpg uses MusicBrainz data to power their music site SoundUnwound, which allows the Internet community to edit music information in a friendly Wiki-like manner.


The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) uses MusicBrainz data to provide detailed information about the artists who get played on their radio networks. The BBC also has a team of editors who are participating in editing the MusicBrainz data for use with their internal systems and the /music web pages.


Grooveshark is a peer-to-peer digital music brokerage and social community that rewards users for sharing their music. Grooveshark uses MusicBrainz data to fuel its music discovery system.

File:lastfm.gif is a social music site that combines the power of social networking with the power of music to provide first class music recommendations. With you can create your own music profile and listen to personalized radio stations that play your music recommendations.

File:mwlogo lofi.gif

MetaWeb -- MetaWeb operates FreeBase the open, shared database of the world's knowledge. MetaWeb uses the MusicBrainz live data-feed to add music metadata to FreeBase.


MusixMatch -- MusixMatch licenses lyrics from all over the world and makes it easy to access and license lyrics. MusixMatch will become MusicBrainz' business partner for licensing lyrics and music metadata in a bundle deal.


Radio Tuna -- Radio Tuna is a real-time search engine and player for online radio. Powered by MusicBrainz data, it tracks the music played on over 20,000 internet radio stations around the world, enabling them to be searched by artist or genre.


Spotify -- Spotify allows you to share songs and playlists with friends, and even work together on collaborative playlists, Friday afternoon in the office might never be the same again! Spotify is brought to you by music lovers like everyone else.


ZeeZee -- ZeeZee is a service that records songs off internet radio and makes them available for you to download. (German only).

Find out more about our data licenses and what data is included in MusicBrainz.

MusicBrainz Data Users

The following companies/groups are known to use the MusicBrainz data:


Cloudspeakers -- Cloudspeakers aims to the major hub for music fans and professionals alike, linking to all reviews on the major music sites, and to all official (legal!) audio and video files on websites. You can 'subscribe' to your favorite artists and bands, and rely on the opinion of reviewers you trust to find new bands.


Music Media Search -- MusicMediaSearch aims to to collect every kind of information about the music world (artists, discographies, videos, news, ...) and create a music social network where users can search, talk, discover their affinities and share their opinions about singers and groups.


Rank'em -- Rank'em is crowdsourcing music discovery by aggregating the fan favorite songs for each and every artist of all-time. Rank 'em uses Musicbrainz to populate artist catalog listings so fans can easily rank their favorites through aided recall.


Up To 11 -- Up To 11 is a music recommendation site that uses the MusicBrainz data as one of its data sources.

Do you know of others using the MusicBrainz data? If so please, contact us and let us know.