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The MetaBrainz Foundation wishes to offer a huge thank you to all of our sponsors and partners for their support in helping MusicBrainz operate.

Some of the following organizations and individuals have provided funding, others have supported us by providing access to tools and technologies that have helped us grow. In either case they played a significant role in the success and growth of MusicBrainz.

We would not exist without you — Thank You!

Recent contributions

Thank you to, musiXmatch, Google, and Grooveshark for sponsoring the 11th annual MusicBrainz summit in October, 2011.


logo google.jpg
Google has been an extremely supportive sponsor. They've donated over $200,000 and they employ our treasurer and secretary, Carol Smith.
logo osl.png
The OSU Open Source Lab hosts the FTP mirror server that handles the distribution of the MusicBrainz Database replication packets, thus saving us considerable load and bandwidth costs.
logo digitalwest.jpg
Our main hosting provider, Digital West Networks Inc., gives us a discount because of our non-profit status. They're also a really cool bunch of people who provide excellent service.
logo layer42.png
Layer42 generously hosts a test server for us, free of charge!
logo splunk.png
Splunk provides us with a 10GB/day free license as part of their Splunk for Good program.
logo github.png
GitHub provides a free Bronze account for hosting our sysadmin repositories.

Other support

The following organizations have provided valuable support. We are very grateful for all that they've done and for all that they continue doing.

Many people have helped MusicBrainz in uncountable ways. Help ranges from minor support like putting up Robert Kaye in a hotel room for a night, a posh flat for a week, a free meal here or there or a large cash donation. There are many ways to support MusicBrainz other than giving money and this page attempts to give thanks to those people. This list is not complete -- if you've supported MusicBrainz and would like to be listed here, nudge us please.

  • Richard Jones donated $50,000 in 2010 (blog post).
  • Ben Chobot donated two beefy servers in 2008 that make up our search back-bone and Chad Wilson donated cash to purchase a much needed switch for the MusicBrainz servers.
  • The BBC selected MusicBrainz as its music metadata partner in 2007 and has since been using our data to supplement their artist profiles and album reviews on their music site.
  • Sun Microsystems donated an $11,000 server in December 2006 to help us manage our increasing traffic (blog post).
  • John Buckman of Magnatune has put up Robert Kaye in his spare and very posh flat in London a number of times. With the hotel costs in London, this is a non-trivial amount of support.
  • Derek Sivers of CD Baby provided hotel accommodations, use of his spare flat in Portland, and countless dinners to Robert Kaye.
  • Ed Cavazos from Fish & Richardson provides ongoing pro-bono legal advice for the occasional Intellectual Property questions that MusicBrainz faces.
  • Dan Appleman with Heller Ehrman LLP provides ongoing help crafting contracts for licensing our data.
  • Neil Girling provided a fully loaded Apple G5 machine for use in the MetaBrainz headquarters.
  • Creative Commons created the open license that enables MusicBrainz' business model to thrive.
  • O'Reilly Media gave MusicBrainz $500 to start off a bank account for the project before MetaBrainz existed.
  • Our ever helpful Board of Directors.

We also thank all the users who have donated, as well as all the people who make MusicBrainz happen on a day-to-day basis.