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#REDIRECT [[Release]]
This [[Edit Type|EditType]] moves a release [[Image:licon.png]] to another artist.
===How to do it===
* The [http://www.musicbrainz.org/movealbum.html?album=55225 Move] link below the release's name on a [http://www.musicbrainz.org/album/0481dc5a-bab1-4e0f-8d89-9b755711b170.html release page] (or other pages where release details are displayed) takes you to a page where you search for another artist. Select the target artist from the search results, or enter details for a new artist and click on the Add Artist button.
* [[Check For Duplicate Releases|CheckForDuplicateReleases]]:
<ul><li style="list-style-type:none">Before moving a release to another artist, consider the possibility that there are duplicate entries for the release already listed under the target artist. You may wish to merge the releases instead, using a [[Merge Releases Edit|MergeReleasesEdit]].
* [[Move All Releases By Merge Artists|MoveAllReleasesByMergeArtists]]:
<ul><li style="list-style-type:none">If ''all'' the releases by an artist need to be moved, it is simpler to just merge the artists using a [[Merge Artists Edit|MergeArtistsEdit]]. If the side-effect creation of an artist alias is not desirable, mention that in the [[Merge Artists Edit|MergeArtistsEdit]] [[Edit Note|EditNote]].
* [[Use MA Conversion|UseMAConversion]]:
<ul><li style="list-style-type:none">Instead of moving a release to the special artist [[Various Artists]], use the [http://www.musicbrainz.org/tomac.html?album=55225 Convert to multiple artists] link to perform the conversion. Using [[Convert Release To Multiple Artists Edit|ConvertReleaseToMultipleArtistsEdit]] describes the change more accurately, and if you check the "Move tracks to new artists" box, you will be taken through a series of pages where you can change the track artist ([[Change Track Artist Edit|ChangeTrackArtistEdit]]) and title ([[Edit Track Name Edit|EditTrackNameEdit]]).
* Classical releases follow the [[Classical Style Guide|ClassicalStyleGuide]]; these guidelines put performer information in the release title, and use the composer as the Artist for the release. If a release is moved from performer to composer, check the Release mods link for a corresponding [[Edit Release Name Edit|EditReleaseNameEdit]] and vote for that as well.
* Links to discographies and/or the [[MusicBrainz]] links to Amazon info or cover art can be useful for verifying the correct artist for the release.
If a new artist was specified as the target for the move, it will be created when the MoveReleaseEdit is applied.
If a release is moved to the special artist [[Various Artists]] it will be implicitly converted to a [[Various Artists Release|VariousArtistsRelease]].
A MoveReleaseEdit will fail due to a [[Failed Prerequisite|FailedPrerequisite]] if another MoveReleaseEdit moves the release to a different artist, or if the release is deleted by a [[Remove Release Edit|RemoveReleaseEdit]] or a [[Remove Releases Edit|RemoveReleasesEdit]].
It is unknown if a MoveReleaseEdit will fail due to a [[Failed Prerequisite|FailedPrerequisite]] if the release is merged into another release by a [[Merge Releases Edit|MergeReleasesEdit]].
''None known.'' It is unknown if a MoveReleaseEdit will fail due to a [[Failed Dependency|FailedDependency]] if the target artist is removed by a [[Remove Artist Edit|RemoveArtistEdit]] (or a failed [[Add Artist Edit|AddArtistEdit]]).
===Symbolic name and id===
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