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Move Album (to another Artist)

This edit moves an album to another artist.

How to do it

  • The Move link below the album's name on an album page (or other pages where album details are displayed) takes you to a page where you search for another artist. Select the target artist from the search results, or enter details for a new artist and click on the Add Artist button.



  • Before moving an album to another artist, consider the possibility that there are duplicate entries for the album already listed under the target artist. You may wish to merge the albums instead, using MergeAlbums.
  • If all the albums by an artist need to be moved, it is simpler to just merge the artists using MergeArtists. If the side-effect creation of an artist alias is not desirable, mention that in the MergeArtists ModerationNote.


  • Classical albums follow the ClassicalStyleGuide; these guidelines put performer information in the album title, and use the composer as the Artist for the album. If an album is moved from performer to composer, check the Album mods link for a corresponding EditAlbumName and vote for that as well.
  • Links to discographies and/or the MusicBrainz links to Amazon info or cover art can be useful for verifying the correct artist for the album.


If a new artist was specified as the target for the move, it will be created when the MoveAlbum is applied.

If an album is moved to the special artist Various Artists it will be implicitly converted to a VariousArtistsAlbum.


A MoveAlbum will fail due to a FailedPrerequisite if another MoveAlbum moves the album to a different artist, or if the album is deleted by RemoveAlbum or RemoveAlbums.

It is unknown if a MoveAlbum will fail due to a FailedPrerequisite if the album is merged into another album by MergeAlbums.


None known. It is unknown if a MoveAlbum will fail due to a FailedDependency if the target artist is removed by RemoveArtist (or a failed AddArtist).

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